Daniel Munoz, set to debut in premiere: debut confirmed

Daniel Munoz, set to debut in premiere: debut confirmed

Daniel Munoz has just arrived at Crystal Palace and not even a week has passed since his official presentation and the Colombian full-back will already have the opportunity to play for the team led by Roy Hodgson.

The same coach was in charge of informing that Muñoz is available to play with Crystal Palace, since, according to his logic, he is playing regularly in Belgium and training normally with the team.

Colombians abroad

“Adam Wharton is available; He is playing every game so far. If I want to include him in the team there is no medical reason why he cannot play. The same applies to Daniel Munoz, who is playing regularly. “They both come from clubs they play every week and there have been no injuries reported,” Hodgson said.

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Thus, Daniel Munoz possibly entered the team against Brighton, a match that will start this Saturday, February 3 at 10 am, as a visitor and although it is not known whether he will start or not, he will definitely Will automatically add minutes.

Similarly, coach Hodgson highlighted Munoz’s contract and believes he will be a good addition to the team at the end of the season.

“I am very pleased with the Crystal Palace Winter Market. I congratulate the club on the business they have done. I think business from those arrivals has been good, they’ve done very well,” he concluded.

It should be noted that in the current season, Daniel Munoz managed to play a total of 25 games with Genk between the league, cup and conference league, giving him a good competitive rhythm, so he is expected to continue his great form in the Premier League. In.

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