Daniel Torres is enjoying DIM

Daniel Torres is enjoying DIM

He is unflappable. It’s quiet all the time. He knows how to handle pressure like few and that, perhaps, is the secret of his success. That ability is what prompted Daniel Torres, DIM’s captain, to stay calm every time Millonarios players hit him with a fourth-round home run duel.

Have experience. He is now a rebellious child, a “bad boy”. Now he is a man of God whose life has taught him not to allow himself to be burdened by a high heart rate and not to participate in unnecessary discussions. So, instead of protesting, shouting, pushing those who “gave” him, he remained sitting on the ground, holding his feet.

On two other occasions the blows he received were so strong that he “rolled” to the ground. “Hey, judge, how many times have they hit Torres, give him a card,” shouted the fans who came to the Ditaires stands several times.

And the center back Luis Matorel listened to them: of the 9 yellow cards received by the players of the blue team in the game, five were for fouls by the DIM leader. Juan Pablo Vargas, Daniel Giraldo, Larry Vásquez, Leonardo Castro and Daniel Ruiz were reprimanded.

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All the decisions that Daniel made were mediated by reason. He always gives the impression that he measures the consequences that his actions can bring. That is why he acts with the diplomacy of the recently deceased Henry Kissinger (the father of American relations) when his comrades fight with rivals and intervene to separate them.

He also doesn’t put his foot down when his opponents are inside the area. No. He prefers to close their shooting angle by putting his body first, but at a careful distance that does not lead to a foul that results in a penalty in favor of the other team and makes the red team to suffer or come from behind in a game.

The great leader of the Almighty

“We know it’s going to be difficult. We are facing three big teams and we have to play like this (close, contested) and know how to do it to beat them. This is how we have gone step by step,” declared Torres at the end of the meeting.

The midfielder who was born in Cáqueza, Cundinamarca, 34 years ago, was Medellín’s star of the game. He ran across the field. He cut off the dangerous actions of the Bogota team, gave the Pueblo Team a clear exit from the back and managed, together with Jaime Alvarado, the timing of the attack in the first half.

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In addition, with his leadership, he was the player who wore overalls in the defensive zone during the second half, when Millonarios rushed to find the tie and adjusted the 23 total shots that he added in the game to the goal defended by Yimy Gomez.

“Daniel is one of the pillars that Medellín has. He is a leader on and off the court. He is an example to many because of his work and training. In addition, in games he runs and leads the team. He is also a great person, a wonderful human being,” commented former DIM soccer player Luis Carlos Arias, who was with Torres in Santa Fe and his first step in the King of Hearts in 2015 and 2016.

With his gray hair, his white and impressive figure and the humanity that characterizes him, after the game Torres gathered his teammates to praise the public that was with them. It’s a habit that, like walking barefoot before games start, he has continued throughout his career.

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Afterwards, he entered the dressing room with a calmness that characterized him and, as his head was always one step ahead of the others, he was already thinking about Sunday’s classic paisa.

Dream to be champion again

The connection between Daniel Torres and Medellín is wonderful. Since his arrival in 2022, he has shown the affection he feels for the team. And of course, with Poderoso he won the last title he achieved in his career as a professional footballer: the 2016 Opening Tournament League.

It was also his time in the scarlet team that opened the doors to the Colombian National Team (he was in the 2016 Copa América) and the option to go to foreign football. Maybe that’s why now, as captain of the People’s Team and from Cundinamarca, he sings the song of Antioquia as if he was born in these lands. In addition, at the 110th anniversary ceremony of the People’s Team, he assured that they are fighting to get the seventh star, after 7 years.