Data from more than 1 million smart meters optimizes energy management

Data de más de 1 millón de medidores inteligentes optimiza la gestión energética

Data from over 1 million smart meters in Australia and New Zealand are being used to optimize energy management, thanks to a new alliance between Vector Technology Solutions (VTS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) . This collaboration led to the development of Diverge, a cutting-edge data and analytics-driven energy platform that enables energy companies to seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources.

Traditionally, smart meter data is only used for billing purposes. However, Diverge goes a step further by using “high frequency” data from electricity and gas meters in homes and businesses. This detailed data allows energy companies to have a greater understanding of grid energy supply and demand, as well as the impact of distributed energy resources such as solar panels, batteries and electric vehicle chargers.

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With the insights gained from Diverge, network operators can plan, build and manage their networks more effectively. They can easily approve distributed energy resource connections, ensuring smooth and reliable energy supply that meets customer needs. By optimizing investment decisions, energy providers can improve outcomes for customers and promote greater adoption of renewable energy.

Diverge offers secure access to meter data in a variety of formats and frequencies, to meet the diverse needs of customer service, network operations and planning applications. This provides faster and more reliable data analysis, giving grid operators visibility into power quality at the individual house or street level. This increased visibility improves the detection and restoration of power outages, resulting in a more resilient network infrastructure.

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In addition, Diverge guarantees the security and integrity of the data it hosts. With AWS’s fully encrypted infrastructure, customers can be confident that their valuable energy data is protected from unauthorized access.

Diverge is an advanced energy data and analytics platform developed by Vector Technology Solutions in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It connects data from smart meters installed in homes and businesses to provide valuable insights into energy supply and demand, as well as the impact of renewable energy sources.

Diverge enables energy companies to optimize energy management by delivering detailed analytics and insights. It allows grid operators to plan, build and manage their networks more effectively, quickly approve distributed energy resource connections, and provide reliable power quality where and when- a it must. In addition, Diverge helps energy companies make informed investment decisions to improve outcomes for customers.

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Yes, the data hosted on Diverge is fully encrypted and benefits from the strong security measures of the AWS cloud infrastructure. It ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data, protecting it against unauthorized access.

VTS and AWS have extended their alliance until 2025, opening the doors to future improvements and expansion. The goal is to roll out Diverge in other countries around the world, allowing global energy providers to benefit from new energy management capabilities.

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