Dave Hyde: the future of Tua, the aftermath of the season – the ball on the court of Dolphins owner Steve Ross, if he knows what to do

Dave Hyde: the future of Tua, the aftermath of the season - the ball on the court of Dolphins owner Steve Ross, if he knows what to do

Dave Hyde: the future of Tua, the aftermath of the season - the ball on the court of Dolphins owner Steve Ross, if he knows what to do

At the end, the chanting “Tua” sounded. There was also coach Brian Flores, who later spoke of his team’s “resilience” while enjoying the sparkle of the New England season.

If only it meant something.

If only there were consequences.

If only the Dolphins played like this when it really mattered last week in Tennessee.

What kind of holiday would Sunday be if the Dolphins knocked New England out of the playoffs 33-24 after qualifying?

That guys would be something, “to be proud of this team, to be proud of their struggle, their resilience,” as Flores said after Sunday’s game.

Anyway, it was an empty day, an empty season, until the chant of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who probably played his last game in Dolphins uniform. It depends on the owner of the team, Steve Ross. He hasn’t spoken publicly for almost two years, so it’s hard to know what he thinks about anything, let alone how he feels about this makeover, throwing a fourth birthday party on Monday without taking part in the playoffs.

The ball is on your side, Steve.

You want to: a) Cut the bait off the Tua after two seasons; b) get revenge on general manager Chris Greer for picking Tua as his three-year sacrifice of the seasons; c) Throw the bait with Flores and move on to your heart’s goal ten years ago in Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, clearly associated with the NFL; or d) are all of the above disastrous?

You can make a case for each of them.

You can do a deed for anyone.

You may be wondering if Ross knows what to do, given that he has been the owner for 12 years with one playoff game.

You can also expect Deshawn Watson to appear on Line 1 any day, given that this is the position we were in on the November 2 trade deadline. Has anything changed to change this idea? Did Ross think about what it would be like if the face of the franchise faced 22 sexual harassment charges?

Tua was great on Sunday’s first run, making all seven assists for 54 yards and landing. He then completed 56 yards passes for the rest of the day. His bigger players were on their feet; in fact, he showed no affection for trying until Sunday’s game closed.

“We wanted to end this season with a bang, and that’s exactly what we did,” he said.

Well, if a funny but minor victory is a blast, then it was.

“This season has been a rise and fall for me and a lot of guys,” he said. “Let’s see what the offseason has in store for us.”

Yes, here’s the off-season. Again. You want to say this is the most important offseason for the Dolphins in years, but it has been so in the last three seasons.

Here’s a simple question: has this year been successful?

“Every year is different,” Flores said instead of answering. “Every experience you get from them is good or bad. This is how I try to approach everything. This year I learned a lot about myself, this team, the players of this team and the people in our building. This is really what I take from this. … I would like to think that I have grown a little, but I hope that this applies to everyone. ”

It’s existential, man.

I was just expecting some kind of prospect of a good but ultimately pointless Sunday in the bigger picture of the lost season. The idea was in the playoffs. I mean, right? And now another season says goodbye to the echo of the Tua chant.

Does another lost year matter? Does Ross care?

“It has had its ups and downs,” receiver Jaylen Waddle said of a season that has been great for him. “I don’t even have the words for this. It was just new. ”

He’s a beginner, bless him. All seasons are ahead. But no newcomer has won playoff games for the Dolphins in the past 20 years. Sunday was fun. But imagine what it would be like if this victory meant something?