De la Cruz: From returning at 11 to renewing his contract

De la Cruz: From returning at 11 to renewing his contract

They would not have imagined 2022 like this Nicholas of the Cross, Uruguay’s level had similar fluctuations in the year River: It doesn’t seem like a coincidence. And that 11 has been a key player for the team for a long time. Recovered from a venous thrombosis in his left leg, which ruled him out of the final stretch of 2021, the season was not so easy for the midfielder: he was plagued with injuries and showed his best version for excerpts, and in between Its renewal was and is always a cryptic theme in the background.

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From being a fix, the DLC went alternate and even lost a spot in the headlines: In the last three matches he entered from the substitute bench., As of this Saturday: Esequiel Barco’s defeat will surely leave him among the 11 players who go out to play Against Newell at the Memorial, From there, it’s up to him again to regain his lost position in the team’s creative sphere. Aliendro, Palavecino, Barco and Solari,

De la Cruz’s contract: crucial hours

De la Cruz will have to overcome the obstacles in his performance. And perhaps it comes from the hand with which even negotiations for a contract that expires at the end of the year are unlocked: and that’s it. In the last hours talks progressed in Montevideo between agent Paco Casal of Enzo Francescoli, Matias Patanion and Carlos Sánchez’s brother., So much so that by the river they assure that Could have a happy ending with expansion signing next week There is a bond that from the middle of the year allows the football player to negotiate as a free agent with any club in the world.

As de la Cruz publicly and privately denied the possibility of leaving the CARP with the pass in his possession and always was desire In order to renovate, in Nez they decided not to take the same measures that had fallen. angiso You roller lift In January, with conversations that no longer returned. If he hooks up in the next few hours, de la Cruz will continue in the river, then? That is another topic.

and that Uruguay’s desire has long been to leapfrog into more competitive markets And the main transfer books in European football are still more than two weeks old. followed for a while fenerbash Turkey and real society Spaniard, in the circle of the steering wheel An offer is expected from Italy, Meanwhile, their interests are still being talked about with Brazil. atletico minero To count on that (the transfer window closes on Monday).

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Truth is this Renewing the contract could mean, at the same time, approaching the number of offers that River expects from it.: As happened with Montiel, who signed his extension and only then received a formal offer from Sevilla, the argument of foreign clubs is no possibility of giving the millionaire figure for a footballer’s record which is technically for nil. Can be rented in a few months.

De la Cruz defines his future.  River Press.

De la Cruz defines their future. River Press.

Thus, the countdown is underway and in the river they will be expected: although CARP has 30% of the pass (He bought it in 2017 for about $4,000,000), last year in the last renovation he signed a deal with Liverpool Uruguay to keep it to a minimum. US$S 9.421,000 For a potential transfer that equals 42.82% of the value of its segment: US$22 million gross.

For now, it will be the DLC that will have to show again that it is worth so much money and that it is number one for the Uruguay team at the Qatar World Cup. It is starting from Saturday night.

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