Death of a Sentry Case Leads to a Gontor Islamic Boarding School Not Reported to Police

The family of AM (17), a student who was put to death, ultimately did not report to the Gontor Islamic Boarding School, the place where the victim was lynched by his senior. The family, represented by their legal representative, Titis Rachmavati, argued that there was no legal basis for reporting it to the police.

Titis admitted that the matter happened due to misunderstanding and lack of communication between the Gontor Islamic Boarding School and the victim’s family.

Titis and his team also witnessed all the Ponpas activities till the crime scene (TKP) and met many students. While observing, Titis repeatedly communicated with AM’s mother via telephone in Palembang.

“After taking medical records from Yasifin Darussalam Gontor Hospital, it’s automatically their territory, so we’re friendly there,” Titis told reporters on Thursday (15/9/2022) evening.

According to Titis, his party would prefer the arbitration route. “So we have communicated with our client in Palembang. At this time we have decided not to report the Islamic boarding school because we think it is an omission or misunderstanding, for example, between the family and the Islamic boarding school The communication is like this,” Titis explained.

Meanwhile, the two suspects are currently in legal proceedings and the Children’s Act is also being enforced.

“We’ll help too, those are the kids who still have a future,” Titis said.

Titis said neither the victim’s family nor Gontor himself had gone to the Islamic boarding school during the case. As a result, many miss out on communication after it is delivered and seeing the facts for the first time.

“So we think we miss it, there are really no things that are covered up and there are no things that Islamic boarding schools ignore,” Titis said.

Mentioned about the death certificate, Titis continued, according to Gontor, when doctors came to obtain the condition of the victim’s body and then produced the death certificate to take the corpse to Palembang. At that time the doctor did not have a visa.

“So the boarding school or the hospital has no intention of manipulating it in this way,” Titis said.


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