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Deciphering cat language: Learn to communicate with your cat by understanding its meows and gestures

Many cat owners often say that they just need to talk, and although they lack speech as we humans understand, they have many different ways of communicating, including body language.

However, there is something similar in the voice, which is in the middle of the voice and the scream or the noise, where they also managed to say a lot. That sound is the meow and it is a very good practice to try to understand it in its various manifestations. What do they say when they meow?

That vocal expression should cease to be so mysterious to us because cats emit it for us, the humans who try to imitate and communicate. Cats only meow at people and not at each other. Cats hiss and try to communicate with each other, perhaps with screams or grunts, almost always with their bodies, but not by growling.

Anyone who lives with a cat knows this very well: they meow to get the attention of their guardian, trying to achieve something specific by anticipating situations of need for the world of the cat can be something as simple as opening the door of the refrigerator and we open. go to the food.

When they meow, they do not do it in one way, but rather with different tones and vibrations. They often accompany it with some gestures or facial expressions that also vary depending on the occasion. All this makes a great intrigue for any person to solve, although some vocalizations are revealed in part.

Understanding what a cat is trying to say is almost a must for every responsible owner. Different possibilities from greeting to asking for help, each meow has a different meaning. It’s not always easy​​​​to identify the intention, but each teacher can create their own language for each of their cats, within the general “language”.

For example, a short, soft meow means a friendly greeting. Something like a cat is happy to see its guardian or nearby. It can be interpreted as a human greeting.

If the meow is longer or more pronounced, it is probably a need or claim, seeking attention, asking for food or, for example, asking for access because it is locked. In addition, there are many other possibilities, such as a series of short but quickly repeated meows.

In this way, they usually appear when they are worried or excited about something or when they are waiting for something, such as during a meal. Also you need to pay special attention if their meows are sharp and strong, because they can show that the cat is experiencing pain, stress or fear.

It’s common to hear cat owners say that these little cats just need to talk. Although they don’t have a verbal language as we know it, cats have many ways to express themselves, highlighting their body language.

In addition, they have a form of vocalization, the meow, which is located at an intermediate point between speech and noise, and which allows a lot of information to be transmitted. It is important to try to understand the different ways cats use meowing. What are they trying to communicate when they meow?

This vocalization should not be so enigmatic for us, because cats do it specifically to communicate with us, imitating our ways of communication. It is interesting to note that cats only meow to humans, and not to each other, communicating in other ways such as hissing, screaming, or body movements, but not by meowing.

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