Deep freeze descends on Prairies, heavy snowfall on the way

Saturday, December 25, 2021, 8:01 pm – The next few days will be bitterly cold over the Prairies. Parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba will receive heavy snow from Monday.

An extremely cold pattern coming down from above the Prairies will lead to one of the coldest December days on record for some places. Acute freezes will be dangerous for anyone who spends too long outside unsupervised. Heavy snow from the storm will spread across the U.S. Plains border by Monday, bringing deep, fluffy snow to parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. More on the bitterly cold temperatures below and the ice to come.

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Sunday/Monday: Icy winds as cold

A low pressure system passing over the plains of North America will bring heavy snow to the border in southern parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Sunday. Snow will move westwards from Monday.


We can see 20-30 cm of snow in parts of southern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba by Monday. Saskatoon and Regina are expected to receive 10-15 cm of snow by the start of the week. There is some uncertainty about the total snowfall in Saskatchewan; Some areas may see more accumulation if the storm is an overreacher.

It will be a very light and fluffy snow, due to the freezing cold looming over the Prairies. Be careful of drifting and blowing snow during and after a storm. Travel conditions can change rapidly over short distances. Snow floes will make this a constant problem even after the snow has stopped falling.

deep freeze running

A lobe of the polar vortex swinging down from the Arctic is responsible for the intense cold air that will spread over the region in the coming days.

The temperature will continue to drop drastically in the beginning of next week. Highs in the low-30s will be common over northern Alberta on Monday, with wind gust values ​​likely to drop below -40.


Edmonton’s high -32°C forecast for Monday will be one of the city’s coldest December days. The altitude will reach only -28 °C in Calgary, -25 °C in Regina and the relatively humid -10 °C in Winnipeg. Feel-like values ​​would drop, sinking below the -40 mark in Edmonton, in the mid-30s in Calgary.

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While Monday looks to be the coldest day of this dreaded cold, things aren’t heating up in a hurry. The coldest air will reach Saskatchewan on Tuesday, with a high of -30 degrees Celsius on tap for Regina and Saskatoon. With a maximum of -16 degrees Celsius, the conditions in Calgary will feel a bit hot.

Temperatures in the prairie will remain fairly down-seasonal until the end of the month.


The bitter cold has put everyone at risk. It is a dangerous cold snap even for people accustomed to extreme cold weather. The bitterly cold temperatures and even chilly values ​​of the cold air will make it unsafe to spend more time outside without proper protection and knowledge.

Watch out for signs of frostbite and hypothermia. With air coolness values ​​in the -30s and -40s, it can take up to 5–10 minutes for skin exposed to this arctic air mass to freeze, and hypothermia may set in not long after.

frost bite graphic

Stay tuned with The Weather Network for the latest on the coming snow and the grip of persistently extreme cold in the Prairies.



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