Defeat the “Puma” Against the Wallabies in the Overcrowded Malvinas

Rugby, Australia 41- Pumas 26

Rugby, Australia 41- Pumas 26

Defeat the "Puma" Against the Wallabies in the Overcrowded Malvinas

Rugby in the Falklands, Australia beat Argentina

The Argentine rugby team, Los Pumas, apparently lost this afternoon against Australia, 41 to 26, in a test match for the first date of the tenth edition of the Rugby Championship, a tournament in which South Africa and New Zealand also participate. .

The match was played at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza, and Argentina won 19–10 at the end of the first half.

In the first round, eventual world champions, South Africa defeated New Zealand 26–10 in a match played at the Mobombela Stadium in Nelspruit.

Australia is the leader of the tournament with 5 units, followed by South Africa with 4, New Zealand and Argentina with 0.

The Argentine made two attempts through Pablo Matera and Juan González, while Emiliano Boffelli added four penalties and two conversions.

For the visitors, Jordan Petia, Fraser McRaeit, scored a penalty attempt and Folau Finga’e Lynn Iriacu, while Quaid Cooper – who was injured – scored a penalty and a conversion, and Reece Hodge scored a penalty and two. Add conversions.

The Aussies had an electrifying final twenty minutes, taking the lead to Los Pumas, who were performing well, organized, disciplined and the result was in their favour.

But Australia showed no mercy to a team that went astray, losing in all aspects of the game and conceding ten penalties. In the end all the positives and bests of Los Pumas were diluted.

In the end, the game has a long way to go to reach the level predicted by coach Michael Cheeca and indiscipline and lack of concentration are the negative pillars of the game.

In the first half of the preliminary stage, Los Pumas had a slight clout in handling the ball and acted in opposite field, forcing the Wallabies’ offense. Emiliano Boffelli capitalized with the conversion of three new penalties.

Australia came off their ground and in a counterattack game, after a favorable penalty, Quaid Cooper launched a quick run and enabled Jordan Petia to break Argentina’s ingole.

Puma persevered in defence, maintaining order to prevent two clear positions from the Australian forward.

In the final twenty minutes, Los Pumas were the protagonists of the risky plays, taking the game to opposite territory with conviction and not only the hero of the game of the score.

The Australian national team did not feel comfortable with Los Pumas’ game plan, which did not allow him to play with his forward and to the extent that he scored ten penalties, which Boffelli capitalized on to score four penalties.

In the supplementary part, Australia took the initiative and with a win in a row, Fraser McRaeit came on for a second attempt, which was converted by Reed Hodge to separate two points.

Puma reached a new victory after being welcomed by Mallia, playing with Matera and ending with a new conversion by Boffelli with an attempt by Juan González from Mendoza.

From there, Los Pumas fell into a low mood and indiscipline, inflicted ten penalties and also faced warnings from Matias Alemano.

Australia became the hero, taking Los Pumas forward, making four attempts to score bonus points and make it clear what a team should have in the course of eighty minutes.

Referee Mike Adamson awarded a penalty attempt for a violation by Argentine strikers, and four minutes later Australia converted for the first time in the match with Hood.

Then came Finga’s attempt and Lein Ikirou’s at the end of the match, both of which were converted by Hodge, who won a stunning 41–26.

Australia with 121 games were not affected by the significant loss of Wallabies captain and emblematic figure Michael Hooper, who chose not to be part of the team at the last minute for personal reasons and decided to return to his home country.

Argentina and Australia faced each other in 37 (28 successes, 6 losses and 3 draws with a favorable balance of the seas.

The next match for Los Pumas will be in San Juan against Australia again in a week.

Source: Telam / Photos: Alfredo Ponce


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