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Defense of Rodrigo de Paul: He talks about his ex Camilla Holmes, Tiny Stossel and his appearance at the Qatar World Cup

less than four months from the start of qatar world cup, Argentina national team players Rodrigo De Paul He went out to respond to versions that indicated that due to a legal conflict with his former partner Camilla Holmes Couldn’t take part in that competition. ,There is no basis for what has been said.” This morning said the midfielder, who first reacted to these rumours. The one who first expressed himself on the issue was AFA President Claudio “Chick” Tapia, who remarked in a radio interview a week earlier that The midfielder could miss the next World Cup. According to Tapia, Atletico de Madrid player Entry to Qatar will be banned Because of the FIFA regulation that regulates parental alimony or in court. It was then found that such a restriction did not exist.

in that interview america tv, De Paul also talked about them Emotional performance with singer Tiny Stosse and told how he lived media treatment of their separation. “Leaving me with boys in a place that I didn’t fulfill as a father sometimes hurts me”, De Paul, who also said he felt they wanted to “hurt” him.

Rodrigo De Paul Is A Vital Piece For The Argentine Team
Rodrigo de Paul is a vital piece for the Argentine team ANDER GILENIA-AFP

At that time, the president of the AFA, Claudio “Chikki” Tapia, The football player could not participate in the World Cup due to a demand introduced by Holmes, eliminating the possibility: “To go to Qatar, which You do not need to file a criminal complaint with a pending conviction, a gender issue or something similar, which we understand from the article on FIFA Regulations, ”the leader remarked in an interview on Radio Urbana Play on that occasion. For all this, today de Paul answered that question without hesitation. “I’m going to try to say this with the greatest of respect because I don’t judge a journalist, it’s a very difficult and successful career, there are many people who would not be qualified to do it, so they study Let’s do and prepare”, began the partner of Lionel Messi.

And then he clarified: ,[Pero] It is a separation and a demand, nothing more. If not, we send people to other countries to sue the players and nobody can play the World Cup, there is no basis for what is said.” In this sense, he said that it is “Absolutely wrong what he said.”

Then set to leave for Qatar, where the World Cup will begin in November, de Paul also mentioned the state of his relationship with Holmes and, in addition, how his courtship with him took place. Tiny Stossel,

Rodrigo de Paul’s discharge

from paul today one of the main figures Lionel Scoloni-led team. An unstoppable start in midfield, his relevance grew significantly until he became the team’s best player in 2021, the year Argentina won the Copa America in Brazil by defeating a local team in Maracan. It was the title that broke the drought of 28 without becoming champions.

just a few days after that final Bautista was born as the second son of De Paul and Horns. (Francesca is the eldest daughter). The couple split a few months later, so the woman returned to Buenos Aires with her children from Madrid (where they lived, as de Paul has been playing for Atlético de Madrid since mid-2021). At that time it was known that the footballer had started a relationship with singer Tiny Stossel, Something that immediately caught the attention of the media.

“I was with Cami for many years, sometimes coexistence, many things end. And so nothing bad should happen”, picked up the football player, who denied having a bad relationship with his ex: “This is what we have always wanted to see in our country: a point of conflict for whatever happens. I don’t think so, taking care of Kami, taking care of your kids, is the most important thing. They can see these things tomorrow and I know they won’t like it.

Regarding the latter, he said of his three-year-old daughter, Francesca: “Fran, who is more aware of things, understands that his mother is rebuilding his life, his father too. We explained it and that’s the most important thing.”

In any case, the football player admitted that he did not have a good time during the breakup with the model, especially because of the press coverage. “If you ask me what harm can I do… For me, I didn’t play the father role by leaving me in such a place with the boys, sometimes it hurts. I know who I am, that’s the most important thing. It hurts me a little more when it affects my partner, my mom. Obviously my mom watches a lot of TV and sometimes she calls me. They were things that had no sustenance,” he said.

He also admitted that he felt loved “make a loss” And said about it: “When they say that Tiny appeared when I didn’t part, I don’t like it. They say that I do not pay my children’s fees: I would never do that for my children, or for Camilla, Because she was the one who stayed with me for many years, I know she is a great mother. The World Cup was told… all the lies I understood were trying to harm me, not with a game of gossip. And I think my word has value because I have never entered anyone’s life, nor bothered anyone.

Rodrigo De Paul And Camilla Holmes Lived Together For Twelve Years
Rodrigo de Paul and Camilla Holmes lived together for twelve yearsInstagram @camihoms

Meanwhile, de Paul hints that he is now “Super Good” Round Trip With Homso and believed he always had “super desire” for him to meet his kids Every time he came to Argentina. He also revealed that the model is planning a vacation with his new partner, the businessman Carlos Welcome, and detailed how they would be arranged in that example. “Some days he’s going on vacation, I don’t know where he’s going, but I know it’s with his partner in Spain. And the boys stay with me for 15 days in which I’m going to enjoy them. The girl who takes care of them comes with me,” he said.

He also revealed how the conversation went in which both of them confessed that they are dating other people. “We both rebuilt our lives and the Super Well. Once we both talked, she asked me if I was meeting Tini, I told her yes. She told me she was meeting people too, great. The most important thing has always been that our children are treated well by the people around us and it is so. It makes me very happy that she is rebuilding her life, we have a good relationship,” he revealed.

This is more: footballer admitted that Tiny Stossel already knows her children, But he did not elaborate on it. “Very good”He limited himself to saying how the encounter between the children and the artist took place.

After considering that he has “many interpersonal projects” when a man bets on a new relationship, he described his courtship with the singer: “We have two lives that are quite difficult because each has a very special dynamic, but we are trying to bring those paths together at a certain point and be able to estimate how much it will be for us. It’s getting beautiful.”

Lawyer specializing in football law Edward Martins explained to Country that there is no specific regulation that prevents a football player from playing the tournament in view of his condition: “From a regulatory standpoint, there is no specific regulatory framework that determines whether an alimony debtor can participate in world competition.,

Indeed, neither the World Cup Regulations nor the FIFA Code of Discipline refer to football players who have active legal cases among the criteria for being able to participate in the competition. That said, the latter refers to restrictions”Any person who violates the dignity or integrity of an individual or group of people by using derogatory, discriminatory or derogatory words or actions (in any way) on the basis of gender.”, under which an interpretation can be made that will directly affect XRacing.

The Fifa Rules For The Qatar World Cup Do Not Mention Soccer Players With Active Civil Cases, As In The Case Of Rodrigo De Paul.
The FIFA rules for the Qatar World Cup do not mention soccer players with active civil cases, as in the case of Rodrigo de Paul.editorial la nation

However, jurisprudence with respect to cases of gender violence that has been implemented in recent years may have weight in the decisions that both the AFA and FIFA can take on the subject. ,What are the specific principles of law that have to do with gender equality and the fight against discrimination?Martin explains. “Based on these principles, the elements can be taken from the very beginning to make decisions.” A prime example of this paradigm shift would be the #SafeHome campaign, which FIFA led last year in collaboration with the World Health Organization to raise awareness about domestic violence.

In any case, in order to reach the point where a footballer should be suspended because of a condition involving de Paul, a series of measures must be taken for which there is still a long way to go. “With new social trends and all the changes, non-payment of fees can be considered a form of economic gender violence. What happens is that the amount of fee is being discussed, and there is no violation when it is being discussed. there will be when there is a last sentence”, argues Martins.

Fifa Rules Won'T Stop Player From Playing 2022 Qatar World Cup
FIFA rules won’t stop player from playing 2022 Qatar World CupAdrian Dennis – AFP

Nevertheless, if the Atlético de Madrid footballer receives the final punishment for not adhering to the food quota, It will be in the hands of the AFA and/or FIFA to determine whether the Act applies to violence., “There are many players in Argentina who have been condemned, some have dethroned them, others have not,” says Martins, citing former player Alexis Zarate, who was sentenced in 2017 for sexual assault. It was, for example. “The day the final sentence came out, he was called for a match at Temperley, the very moment he was removed from the premises.”

In this way, unlike Tapia’s strong proclamations, Rodrigo de Paul currently There is no risk of playing both the FIFA date in September and the subsequent World Cup, Of course, it will be your responsibility to resolve your legal conflict with Holmes to avoid any inconvenience, but even in the worst-case scenario, the AFA will have to take action against your interests to prevent a hero from the selected team from competing. Can go Supreme goal: “I don’t think it will come in such a situation, it gives me the feeling that It’s intended more as a message than any other wayMartins concluded.

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