Deflation continues in Latin America

Deflation continues in Latin America

This Monday, the OECD will publish its new economic projections, and in line with the IMF, it may improve its growth forecast.

after It’s a very intense week in terms of economic information. by meetings of the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Central Bank of Brazil and which concluded with the information that in the United States 353,000 jobs were created in January -surpassing all predictions-, The next few days will appear with less relevant data.

  • this monday oecd publish its new economic projections, and in line with the IMF, it may improve its growth forecast for this year.
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In your opinion, Latin America’s two largest economies will report their inflation data this Thursday.

  • The broad consumer price index in Brazil will decline from 4.62% year-on-year in December to 4.50% in January. The index for the first month of the year will be in line with analysts’ projections that keep inflation below 4% in 2023.
  • At the same time, in Mexico, inflation, both general and underlying, remained below 5% annually in January. On the same day, the Bank of Mexico will maintain the interest rate at 11.25 and will hardly start cutting it until the Federal Reserve does so.
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Colombia and Chile will also publish inflation data for January, with declining numbers in both cases.

Outside the region, global markets will pay attention to China’s price indices. Deflation in both consumer and producer prices will continue.

For its part, this Monday, Turkey will announce inflation of 65% annually beginning in 2023.


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