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Thursday, February 25, 2021

‘Delhi Police come home if they besiege’: Farmer leader released video and told how to avoid arrest of miscreants

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In connection with the violence on 26 January in Delhi, the police are constantly identifying the miscreants and taking action against them. In such a situation, a farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chadhuni has issued a provocative video and appealed to the alleged farmers that if the Delhi Police gives them notice then they should not appear in front of them and if the police come to their house to catch them, then they Take hostage.

In the video, Gurnam can be heard saying, “Delhi Police is committing extreme cruelty on the tractor parade in Delhi on 26 January. Many of our farmers have already been caught. He is still in jails. Up to 307 lawsuits have been filed against them. Many tractors are holding us, which have not been left yet. When the farmer goes there, he is seated there. Apart from this, many illegal cases are being filed against those whose photo has come or whose number of the vehicle has come in the video. The police is sending notices to these people and arresting many people from home. ”

In their video, the farmer leaders further request other protesters or the miscreants involved in the violence that day if someone is given a call by the Delhi Police for questioning and not to appear, because they are holding there and if the Delhi Police If you come to raid or capture someone’s house, then siege them. Make them sit there and gather the whole village. Also, these policemen should not be left until the district administration comes and gives assurance that Delhi Police will not enter your village and your district.

After instigating the alleged farmers, these farmer leaders in defense of themselves finally add that whichever policeman To surround There should not be any kind of assault with him, no kind of excess. Feed and feed them, but do not leave them until the district administration arrives.

Gurnam says that everyone has to take action keeping these things in mind, because there is no other treatment of Delhi Police, such excesses will not be tolerated. Start besieging policemen everywhere.

Significantly, today is the 86th day of the farmers’ movement on the borders of Delhi. He has been adamant on repealing all three agricultural laws. BKU leader Rakesh Tikait has said today that the farmer of the country has been harvesting losses for 70 years. If a crop has to be sacrificed this time, the farmer is ready for this. If you had to cut the crop by applying more laborers, they would do it too. The movement will not weaken due to the crop.

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