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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Delhi: Successful operation due to robotic surgery, woman was suffering from DNA related disease

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The operation of a woman with a rare hereditary disease was performed through robotic surgery in a hospital in Delhi. A woman hailing from Kota, Rajasthan was struggling with endocrine neoplasia. In this disease, fast lumps develop in more than two glands of the patient. It is a rare hereditary disease.

Arun Prasad, senior doctor in the department of surgical gastroenterology and bariatric surgery of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, said the patient was admitted after complaining of difficulty speaking and swelling in the throat which began to emerge around two months ago. The patient was admitted to the hospital on January 7 and investigations revealed that the woman had one lump in her thyroid and adrenal gland.

According to Prasad, this is a very unusual situation that occurs in only one person out of about 35,000 people. He said that robotic assisted surgery was planned to remove the lump to prevent excessive bleeding and post-operative complications. This operation was done on 14 January. Prasad said, “Through robotic surgery we managed to successfully remove the lump without damaging any of the surrounding veins or muscles.”

What is robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is a unique example of the modern development of medical science. Usually people have many questions about this surgery, because they believe that they will have a lot of problems in getting the surgery. For this reason, they avoid having this surgery and as a result their health worsens further. In robotic surgery, your operation is done by a robot in which the chances of mistake are considered zero percent.

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