Delicious banana pancakes filled with cream cheese

Quick and easy recipe: delicious banana pancakes filled with cream cheese

This recipe for pancakes from Plantain con Philadelphia cheese It’s finger-licking good. It is very easy to prepare and can save you trouble if you don’t know what to cook. You can use this dish as a main course or even as a dessert.

You should know that you only need a few of them for this recipe Ingredients take less than an hour to convert this saucer into a delicious delicacy for your family. Children love it.

Philadelphia Cheese Stuffed Banana Pancakes Recipe

This food is ideal for those who love simple dishes to prepare without neglecting creativity. You can serve it with whatever you like best, and its creamy taste will fascinate you.

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  • 1 kilo of ripe plantains
  • Salt to taste
  • cream cheese
  • vegetable oil

Preparation of banana pancakes stuffed with Philadelphia cheese

Start by trimming the edges of the plantains, then cut them in half to make pickling easier to cook. Put 1 liter of water in a pot and leave her Cookwhen it reaches its maximum point Boil the bananas and let them stand over high heat for 15 minutes. Check to see if they are soft before taking them out.

Once you remove them from the water, remove the peel and mash it with a blender or blender fork. Then let it cool down, season with salt, and stir in spice. The consistency should be as follows: Mashed potatoes.

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With very clean hands, start making the pancakes. You should get a kind of pancake casserole so that you can add the pieces of Philadelphia cheese in the middle. Once you have filled it enough, close it, chubby girl, so that all the cheese is covered.

Place a pan of your choice TeflonAdd enough oil to fry and let it heat up. Once hot, lower the fuego and start adding pancakes. Once they are toasted on both sides, drain them on a napkin.Fuegodo you pair banana pancakes with this?

This recipe is sweet, so you can contrast it with or, if you wish, add lettuce with beets, white rice, or red on the side, and it will be very complete.

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Banana pancakes filled with cream cheese You can accompany them with a spicy sauce of your choice or add a little sour cream to preserve their sweet taste. Either of these two options will be more than yummy.