Demand for “more ambition” from the government

Demand for

It seems that the revision of National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan The preparations made by the government are not reassuring: Major companies Air a few days ago gave his opinion about him and in the field of car There is also skepticism about forecasts for electric cars for 2030. Now, whoever thinks so – and in this case is condemning the lack of ambition – is a gas boss. He document Admits the charge until Sept.

Biogas may be the solution, but more incentives are needed

The document considers an annual production of 20 TWh per year of biogas in 2030, but this Area It is reminded that this is equivalent to “2%” of the current gas consumption. In the original PNIEC, the biogas forecast for 2030 was 10.4 TWh. For this reason, Sedigas believes that, given the current productive capacity, the government has been “a bit ambitious” and that, moreover, it does not align its forecasts with the objectives set by the European Union, which is about 10%. Considers covering. Demand for natural gas with methane of biological origin.

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The European Union has already warned Spain

Cedigas recalls that a recent report by the European Commission estimated the potential for biogas production in Spain at 4,100 million cubic meters. With this figure, up to 13% of natural gas consumption can be substituted. Sedigas is even more optimistic: they talk about 163 TWh annual production and covering 45% of consumption. For all these reasons, Sedigas concluded that the government’s revision of the PNIEC is “a missed opportunity”. Is there any point in presenting a document that pleases no one in the final weeks of the legislature? Biogas production is, at the same time, a tool to guarantee a certain amount of activity industrial in rural areas.

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