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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals

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With the start of the new month, automakers have started presenting their sales reports. The month of March has proved to be much better for Royal Enfield, the country’s top performance bike maker. According to the company’s report, the company sold a total of 0.1733 units in March, up 64 percent from March last year.

In March last year, the company sold only 32,630 units of vehicles. At the same time, the company exported 5,885 units of vehicles during the period, up from 3,184 units in March last year. Export business is important for the company, as the company not only wants to have a presence in other countries but also to strengthen it in the middle part of the global market.

Further demand for this category:

If we review the company’s overall sales figures, the highest demand is in the 350cc segment. The company has the highest sales of 8.51 percent of its bikes. The section includes models like the company’s Classic, Meteor, Electra and Bullets. The company has Continental GT and Interceptor in the 650cc segment, accounting for 11.49 percent of total sales.

While the company has recorded annual sales growth on the one hand, sales have declined by about five per cent compared to February this year on the other. Last February, the company sold a total of 69,659 units of the car. However, compared to last February, the export business has increased. Last February, the company exported only 4,545 units of vehicles.

The 350cc segment company has recently launched its cruiser bike meteor. However, the leader of this category is still the Classic 350. This is the best selling bike of the company. The company is set to launch its next-generation model soon, which was seen during testing at several events. Some details about this bike have also been published. Which you can read at the link below.

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