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Democracy under review: A vote filled with candidates distrustful of the electoral process

The United States is set to vote on November 8th.

Millions of people unable to vote is nothing new in the United States, but the country’s midterm legislative and gubernatorial elections a month away will bring an unprecedented threat to its democracy: Hundreds of candidates who do not believe in the transparency of the electoral process they have agreed to be a part of.

Accepting adverse results of an election was an early cornerstone of the world’s oldest democracy, until former Republican President Donald Trump, who is threatening to seek re-election in 2024, refused to accept that. He was defeated by President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. In November 2020.

Two months later, on January 6, 2021, hundreds of Trump supporters, many of them far-right militia members, attacked Congress with sticks, stun guns and pepper spray as lawmakers certified Biden’s victory.

Five people were killed and hundreds were injured and detained in fierce fighting in Washington.

According to one study, in national elections before now, 60% of those eligible to vote on November 8 will have at least one candidate on their ballots who believes Biden stole the election or who refuses to admit defeat. denies. Posted this week by FiveThirtyEight Blog.

Many of them aspire to become top election officials in states where that position is optional. Others running for governor would, if they win, be able to name that electoral authority. Others are congressional candidates, where they will be able to admit to fraud charges after the 2024 general elections and have the president-elect validated.

voters about a 70% of those who identify as Republican –there are about 50 million people Assuming the fraud took place in 2020, As studies have shown after the attack on Congress.

And a you survey August revealed that u54% of Trump party voters that one believes civil war is at least Likely to happen in the next 10 years.

“It’s a perfect storm,” the woman told Telam. Gikola Lane, Attorney, Campaign Legal Center, A Washington NGO is protecting democracy.

,Restrictions on the right to vote, a toxic media environment, political violence, intimidation of election officials, candidates challenging the most basic rules of democracy…“, he listed.

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Biden'S Disapproval Exceeds 50, Especially Due To High Inflation
Biden’s disapproval exceeds 50%, especially because of high inflation.

what is renewed in november

In the elections held in November the Lok Sabha and a Senate’s third and g will be chosen36 state governors, They will be the first to allow states to redraw their electoral districts, as they do every 10 years, after the 2020 census.

Conservative states have manipulated redesigned over the years Makes it difficult to vote for Afro-descendants, Hispanics and women – who tend to have more democratic leanings – a practice known as “Gerrymandering”.

are added tostate eyes what restrict and also active minority franchise like those who stop those who have criminal recordsomething that disproportionately affects Afro-descendants and Latinos.

“The United States has a big problem of political legitimacy, and this election is going to be another sign that it needs to review a lot of things politically,” he told this agency. Valeria Carbone, PhD in History from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Professor of the Department of History of the United States.

,Talking about cheating and ‘gerrymandering’ signals something is wrong, People condemn that they are not allowed to vote and others condemn that there is fraud! And mistrust also comes from above, from those who have to control. Trump condemned fraud by his own government, at one point, how do you condemn fraud if you’re the president?

legislative election results will define if Democrats maintain tight control of both houses What’s left is Biden’s four-year term, and thus the president’s ability to advance his agenda.

Historically, the President’s party loses many more seats in these elections. Biden’s disapproval exceeds 50%, especially because of high inflation.

But, he Democratic prospects boosted by two extraordinary events: The proliferation of Republican candidates who do not believe in the credibility of elections and the June decision to overturn a 1973 Supreme Court ruling defining abortion as a fundamental right that must be protected throughout the United States.

Republicans only need to flip five seats to go to control the House of Representatives, Each party has 50 votes in the Senate and Vice President Kamala Harris could break the tie.

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Although more competitive senate elections They are in states that Biden won in 2020 and where the Republican candidate is an electoral skeptic with extremist views. Many of them have had to backtrack on their support for abortion restrictions, which voters widely oppose.

Biden’s denial of legitimacy has also been problematic. Several Trumpist candidates won the Republican primaries and are now on the ballot; But many others also fell along the way.

201 of the total 552 Republican candidates denied the validity of the 2020 election Or didn’t want to commit to admitting their eventual defeat, according to the FiveThirtyEight study.

It’s unclear how far they’ll be able to take potential claims in the event of a loss, but “a lot of bad things can happen before the votes are even counted,” Lane said.

In some states, “Election officials are receiving threats and resigning out of fearR. We are preparing for a very tense election.”

The system’s response to a potential barrage of fraud complaints also remains to be seen.

Carbone said institutions including the Supreme Court and Congress acted to block Trump’s challenge to the legitimacy of the 2020 election and he is confident they will do so this time around.

“I do believe there’s going to be a lot of election rigging and now we’re going to be able to measure the real impact of redistricting. There were also Republican-led election purges … We’re going to find out how much.” People who could vote earlier now want to vote and can’t,” he said.

,And there can be violence somewhere, I have no doubt about that too., Several groups of military parties are ready to “observe” the election…armed; (but) it also affects how each state handles it,” he continued.

“What will happen with the election results… is another mystery. But we have to see what the institutions do. Trump did 60 tests in 50 states and all were rejected. Even the Supreme Court rejected an electoral review,” he said. ,

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