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Democratic Party: history, ideology and origins of the donkey


She Democratic Party It is one of the two main political axes of deer, considered the progressive wing of the government system. Its history begins in the 19th century and occupies the white house many times.

The duo of the President and Vice President who will govern until 2024, with the desire to be re-elected, are with the mentioned party. officially founded in 1828. However, polls cast doubt on whether he will repeat his mandate.

What values ​​does it represent?

The Democratic National Committee, the party’s formal title, presents itself as the inclusion party. This means that they promote the civil rights of minorities in their country.

“We know that diversity is not our problem, it is our promise. As Democrats, we respect different views and beliefs, and we are committed to working together to improve this country, even if we disagree… common, we are interested in the common good,” reads its website.

Democrats advocated for civil rights for minorities. (Reuters)

The demographic groups to which the party pays the most attention when planning its public policies, according to its laws, are:

  • African Americans.
  • Disabled.
  • alien
  • LGBT community.
  • Native Americans.
  • Unions.
  • Woman.
  • Students.

What is your story?

she Democratic Party He participated in American politics for 200 years, and during that time he was able to engrave his name in the history of his country.

For example: Woodrow Wilson the president that includes women’s vote of the United States Constitution (19th amendment) of August 1920 is part of the Democratic ranks.

Women’s vote. (Special)

After 10 years, in the context of Great Depression Americans choose the Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt to overcome economic challenges. His government responded New Deal which gives the population tools to recover.

In addition, the mandate of Roosevelt He is remembered for the promulgation of Social Security Law in 1935, which provided government support for wartime widows and orphaned children. This is the first public policy with a sense of social support in the country of the dollar.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the thirty-second president of the United States. (white house)

Years later, in 1945, the Democrat Harry S. Truman He assumed the Presidency at the extreme point of World War II. His involvement in the conflict culminated in Marshall Plan namely, the economic policy of the United States for the reconstruction of Europe.

US interference in the ancient continent laid the foundation for the establishment of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), in 1949, whose operations continue to this day (mostly around the conflict war in Ukraine country where Joe Biden supports the military).

John F. Kennedy He was another prominent Democrat who, although his term did not end due to an assassination, is remembered as the youngest president in the history of his country.

The list of historical party leaders has been expanded with Lyndon B. Johnson which implemented the Civil Rights Act in 1969 to become a standard in American society.

This regulation eliminated racial segregation in public places and although this was possible because of the enthusiasm of the African-American community led by Martin Luther King without party affiliation, approved by Democrats.

The party’s commitment to the fight against racism became evident when Barack Obama arrived at the White House to be welcomed by the Democrats. He is the only African-American president of the United States.

His administration focused on social security and implemented measures to reduce the cost of medical expense policies.

Where did the donkey that introduced them come from?

The popular graphic identity of the party is the result of the work of the famous cartoonist Thomas Nast which is known all over the world for its portrayal deer with two successful characters: Santa Claus y Uncle Sam.

His political cartoons were set in the collective imagination between the years 1862 and 1886, in the context of the American civil war, and from there came the image of the Democratic Party in the form of a donkey (as well as the elephant of the Republicans. ) , according to the collected that CNN.

The artist is a faithful defender of Republican Party and he got it in his illustrations which gave that political organization the strong, formidable and destructive character of a pachyderm; while painting Democrats as running asses.

she Democratic Party He abandoned the negative connotation of the donkey and adapted the body of the donkey for his political communication. Even today, when the Presidency and the majority of the Congress are disputed, they are attracted to that.

This is how the character of the party developed, which after the resignation of the Republican Richard Nixon occupied the White House without interruption: James Carter, William Clinton, Barack Obama and the current president Joe Biden They wear their colors with pride.

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