Denis Coderre, Future of PLQ? Uh…

 Denis Coderre, Future of PLQ?  Uh...

It is said that there will be a “Coderre effect” because, with him at the helm, PLQ in voting intentions will increase from 15 to 21%,

calm down.

At 21%, the PLQ would perform worse than the worst score in its history, the 24.8% achieved under Philippe Couillard’s leadership in 2018.

At 21%, the PLQ would be far from power, even if anglophone and allophone support in Montreal would guarantee it an appreciable number of seats.


The small jump from 15 to 21% is due to two factors.

First of all, Denis Coderre is very well known, for better or for worse, and there are voters who are like: “Ah, I know him!”

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This seems to reassure them.

In the past, people have said to me: “I voted for you because I met you in the shopping center.” They had no idea who I was or what my views were and they didn’t care.

Then, these people compare the PLQ led by Denis Coderre with the current PLQ led by Marc Tanguay, who has amply demonstrated his limited capacity, or by other applicants, who do not even break bricks.

Antoine Dion Charest is, at the moment, nothing more than “the son of…”

Frédéric Beauchemin spontaneously raises the question: who?

Marwah Rizki- Was new evidence needed? – Politically present because of his ease in the House and the constant tom-toms in his favor from some commentators.

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Real voters, including PLQ loyalists, are struggling to see how he differs from Dominic Anglade.

The real question regarding Denis Coderre is: what are the prospects for development in terms of voting intentions for the PLQ under his leadership?

Is this current 21% a floor, a ceiling or somewhere in between?

There are two things: Denis Coderre has converted or he hasn’t (or barely) converted.

Personally, I have always believed that we cannot reinvent ourselves. We adjust, but we are who we are, and eventually it comes out.

Since then, the more people look at Denis Coderre, the more they find classic Coderre, who, with the exception of a few variations, has been in our political landscape since 1988.

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Those who love her will find every reason to love her again. People who don’t love will find all the reasons not to love.

In any case, Coderre or anyone else, the fundamental problem remains that PLQ among French speakers is 7%.

It was founded because under the Charest-Couillard tandem, it became a miniature version of the federal Liberal Party, and because the CAQ now occupies the space that was once its own.

To distance the PLQ among French-speakers, its future leader must take positions that will offend the anglophones and allophones who control the party. A real overhaul. Very dangerous mission.


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