Deputy Gazmuri (AH) and the short Isapress bill: “Scam of the century”

Deputy Gazmuri (AH) and the short Isapress bill:

During the first week of March, the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies will receive the short Isapress bill, after the Senate sent the initiative that seeks to make viable the Supreme Court decision, thereby protecting the stability of the system before the mandate. Can be done. Said that the institutions will return the extra fees to the members.

This is a project that is not without controversy, because in addition to the renegotiation of the so-called “debt mutualization”, articles were approved authorizing a new readjustment increase in the base values ​​of the plans, allowing outstanding balances to be reduced. Decreases by US$451. million, less than half the amount calculated by the Health Superintendent.

in conversation with the counter The President of the Chamber’s Health Commission, Deputy Ana Maria Gazmurri (AH), explains that the inclusion of the concept of mutualisation means “proportional determination of the debt between all members, which allows a very significant reduction in the arrears of Isaprés. , but this is an artificial loss.”

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In the same sense, he claims that “we said it from the beginning. To begin with, this is unconstitutional, because the surplus is the personal property of the member who was overcharged by ISPRE. (…) Some people say that to make it practical we have to reduce the debt, but this is completely artificial, it is reaching into people’s pockets and it seems unattainable to us. So why is it unconstitutional? -And experts, academics, lawyers have said so-, because it violates the right to private property. This mutualization retroactively infringes private property. Of course it is different if one proposes it forward as a new agreement, which is right, but not the way it has been proposed, retroactively,” he says.

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Along these lines, he says that restoring this calculation formula is a “salvage for Isapress”.

“The chamber will not have the same floor, the structure is different. And, beyond the fact that I have already expressed my opinion, we see MPs from different political parties, including DC, demonstrating how this bill is falling short, which is ultimately what is hurting those Who were victims of abuse by Isapress. , and this is definitely unbearable. (…) So, these two factors, reciprocity and increasing the base price without limits, really tell us about the scam of the century,” he said.

Comprehensive improvement in health system

For the Humanist Action deputy, the focus should also be on strengthening FONASA, an aspect that is included in the bill, which will allow progress towards health improvement through a network integrated with the private system.

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“We are never thinking of getting rid of private providers, it is quite the opposite. “It’s important to say this,” he explains.

However, Gazmuri is not in favor of pursuing the discussion on reform. “Taking advantage of the crisis we are facing and its urgency to hastily legislate comprehensive health reform, I believe is not a good idea. (…) In October we can devote ourselves completely to solving all these things, and focus on structural reform,” he explains.