Deschamps accused the 2030 World Cup

Deschamps accused the 2030 World Cup

One of the important characters in the history of football is Didier Deschamps, because the current coach of France has become a world champion as a footballer and as a technical director, so he can be considered one of the most relevant voices of football. Today, the Les Bleus strategist declared against the 2030 World Cup.

Within the framework of the start of the preparation that the French team will have for their commitments to the FIFA Date in October, where they will face the Netherlands in the Qualifier towards Euro 2024 and Scotland in a friendly, the experienced coach of 54 years. talking about FIFA’s decision to play the first half of the 2030 World Cup in South America.

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Although only three World Cup games will take place in South America, Deschamps told ESPN: “South American countries have an advantage and then other countries have to move there and go back to Europe. “I don’t know- an who makes the decisions but I won’t hide from them that I want things to be more equal at the level of the game and behavior.”

Are his statements meaningless?

It is important to emphasize that to a certain extent his words have no meaning, because according to FIFA, the World Cup, which will be played in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, will have 104 official matches, means 101 will play. will be held between Europe and Africa. For obvious reasons, the tournament will provide much-needed rest days for those traveling to South America.

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FIFA position

As explained by the highest governing body of football: “The three games played in South America will continue a few days before the official opening matches of the World Cup (…) They will be adapted to give more and enough days between a match. and another one of the teams that will play the centenary celebration matches so that they can travel, rest, adjust and prepare well.”