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Despite CRT Ban, Teachers Are Teaching Other Teachers How to ‘Back-Door It’ in the Classroom

Despite the passage of laws in some states banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being taught in schools, some teachers are teaching other teachers how to “back-door” classrooms.

A teacher posted in Iowa a video Teaching other teachers to bypass the ban on teaching Critical Race Theory in your state.

In Florida, a Duval County teacher was fired for refusing to remove a banner from outside her classroom door in support of Black Lives Matter.

The Zin Education Project has collected the names of nearly 7,500 teachers who pledge to pursue CRTs in classrooms despite the passage of laws banning CRTs in a growing number of states.

While the head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Randy Weingarten, denied that critical race theory was taught in elementary schools or even high schools, he vowed to fight back against “culture warriors” who are “bullying teachers”.

Not only did the National Education Association adopt a resolution to prioritize its effort to implement CRT in “K-12 and higher education”, but it vowed to use all its resources—including friendly media—behind those. To let those who are “attacking teachers” doing anti-racism work.”

In June 2020, the Florida Board of Education unanimously passed a rule banning the teaching of CRT in schools.

But on September 20, Florida Atlantic University sponsored a webinar where Dr. Gholnesar (Gholdi) Muhammad—an associate professor of language and literacy at Georgia State University—referred to teachers in Miami Dade, Broward, Martin, and Palm Beach counties. taught in a creative way. Slide divisive content through the back door of any classroom, whatever the content.

This was not the first time Muhammad had made a conscious effort to promote CRT in the classroom. During a 2020 interview, Muhammad discussed his plans to revamp the entire education system in five phases.

First, Muhammad believes that teachers need to “bring together a team to write new learning standards embedded in recognition, skill development, intellectualism, pleasure, and criticism.”

Second, Muhammad stated that he needed “new standards for the people who write the curriculum”, suggesting that he would “no longer write a curriculum that is absent from identity and cultural-response.”

Third, “we need to change the way we think about standardized testing,” she said. “Skill-only does not measure success for a child’s life.”

Fourth, Muhammad wants schools to “stop hiring people who don’t have a justice-centered mindset.”

“If they don’t have this justice-centered mindset, stop recruiting them as education secretaries, as members of the school board, as superintendents, as headmasters, as teachers, as staff. Stop recruiting in the form of a period,” said Mohammad.

“The fifth part of the plan is teacher education,” Muhammad concluded, suggesting “diversity” cannot be “learned in one classroom”, but should be “threaded throughout the programme.”

“This calls for hiring conscious professors who know how to conduct and teach research within the realm of critical race theory and other theories like it,” she said.

The Epoch Times reached out to Muhammad for comment.

CRT. difficulties in defining

“It’s very similar to what happened here in Loudoun,” Patti Hidalgo Meanders, president of the Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club in Virginia, told The Epoch Times. “They are implementing CRT under the guise of equity and diversification.”

Meanders described how Parkview High School’s new principal—Dr. Jason Jefferson—immediately sacked all heads of departments and “fired the bookkeeper because she wouldn’t take equity training.”

“Then he gave a speech about how he wanted to ‘destroy and disrupt the American public education system,'” Menders said. “So they are making it clear what their progressive views are.”

“Dr. Jefferson asked Park View’s department chairmen to reapply for their positions,” Loudoun County Public Schools public information officer Wade B. Byrd told The Epoch Times. “It is a common practice that is used when the administration changes so that the principal can interview and get to know the department chairs. In Park View, all the department chairs were retrofitted and all were redeployed.

Byrd also noted that “there was no accountant in Park View when Dr. Jefferson assumed his position on May 25. Thus, he did not fire anyone.”

“Dr. Jefferson told me that he did not make the following statement: ‘Destroy and disrupt the American public education system,'” Byrd continued. “I hope whoever makes such an allegation will be ready to stand behind it. It would be cowardly to give such a quote anonymously. “

Menders also shared how the Loudoun County School Board “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire equity counselors.”

“One group is called the Equity Collaborative,” Menders explained, “and while the superintendent of Loudoun Public Schools claims they are not teaching CRT in schools, it talks about CRT training on their website.”

The website states, “The LCPS Ad-hoc Committee on Equity created an Equity Resolution that was adopted by the Loudoun County School Board on September 24, 2019.”

“As part of ongoing equity work in the school division, on June 8, 2021, the newly appointed superintendent, Dr. Scott Ziegler, recommended that the equity resolution be reaffirmed by the current school board. By consensus, the board recommended that this resolution [pdf] Must be publicly available.

“In recent days, media reports and social media posts have sought to distort equity work by Loudoun County Public Schools,” LCPS Superintendent Dr. Scott Ziegler said on the LCPS website. “Misconceptions and misinformation persist. I would like to take a moment to clarify LCPS’s efforts to ensure that every student, employee, and community member is treated in an equal, respectful manner.

“In explaining the equity preferences of LCPS, it can be helpful to explain what they are not,” Ziegler explains. “They are not an attempt to involve students and staff in any particular philosophy or principle. They are an effort to provide a welcoming, inclusive, positive environment for all students.”

However, the Equity Collaborative website clearly states that their “goal is to help organizations develop their ability to build educational equity and social justice by addressing prejudice and harassment.”

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“That means creating an environment that is able to place staff members in a place where they are uncomfortable enough to change, but not so uncomfortable as to rebel or rebel,” explains Equity Collaborative.

The Epoch Times reached out to the LCPS for clarification on what some, such as Menders, see as contradictions in the claims.

“The Loudoun County Public Schools have said – over and over again – and I will repeat now,” Byrd told The Epoch Times of this isolated case. “Critical race theory is not part of our curriculum.”

“They are very good wordsmiths,” Menders said. “They are re-branding CRT and calling it ‘Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’.”

Autry Pruitt, CEO of New Journey PAC, agrees.

CRT by any other name

“All they do is take different aspects of CRT propaganda and change the language, change the name,” Pruitt told The Epoch Times, explaining that the textbooks refer to “critical race theory, or race theory” by name. How it is done.

“Now when you open those same textbooks, you’ll read things like ‘diversity and inclusion or equity theory,’ which is the same baseline as CRT,” he explained. “That’s one way they back-door it.”

Asked how people can resist “critical race theory and other theories like it” being taught in schools, Pruitt said parents themselves can provide the first line of defense.

school board

“The best way is to take school boards to monitor and fire teachers who are determined to pursue CRTs,” he said bluntly. “They will also have to be represented in the education department at the state level. It is not enough to take over the school board and be the Blue Governor. Even if you have a red governor, like in Florida. You will still be opposed in the education department.”

“What should happen is almost like a bad system,” Pruitt continued, “where parents take the school board and the conservative governor is elected, and then the governor basically wipes out the entire state-level education bureaucracy. And keeps new people in. That’s the only real way to solve it.”


While Pruitt expects pushback from parents at school board meetings to continue to increase, as well as the number of parents who send their children to different schools or resort to home school programs, Pro-CRT publishers “will continue to advance the agenda.” Through the textbooks they provide to their supporters throughout the school system.

“Under a different name with new adjectives and nouns, CRT has been introduced into the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) ELA curriculum as concealed, covered, veiled or disguised,” Pruitt said. “With the use of subliminal messages, teachers are directed to teach social emotive learning (SEL), equity, diversity, inclusion, etc. Emotions are more important than facts.”

As The Epoch Times reported on June 8, HMH announced its “commitment” to Black Lives Matter (BLM) and “social justice” on its website.

“We believe the education system needs to change,” the website says, “and we will continue to use our platform to make that change.”

Members of the Collier County School Board (CCSB) were made aware of this during a June 7 meeting by CCSB Vice President Jane Mitchell, who said she became aware of the “commitment” through an email received from the citizen concerned. Michel further reveals that one of the greatest advocates of BLM in the field of education—Dr. Tyrone Howard- was given a platform to promote the principles of CRT and BLM through the HMH blog site.

“It will be a wait-out, like everything on the left,” Pruitt explained. “In other words, they don’t have to win. The publishing world is dominated by the Left and they’re teaching it in higher education. So it doesn’t matter what the textbooks say in K-12.”


Pruitt strongly suggests parents to “really open and read textbooks and highlight excerpts and send it to people to show other parents what their children are being taught.” According to Pruitt, “Most parents don’t understand the language of diversity and inclusion.” He said that, when people were first waking up to CRT, it was because it was easier to find if one only bothered to look. He used words such as “white people” and “oppression” that most people found “troubling and problematic”.

“But when you use language like diversity and inclusion,” Pruitt suggested, “it doesn’t come in some form.”

“People haven’t changed. Committees haven’t changed. Publishers haven’t changed,” Pruitt said. “It’s the language they’re changing.”

“Until these kids graduate, they won’t be able to read, but they will be great workers who hate their families, God, and America,” Pruitt predicted. “What a terrible thing to do to a child.”

“We all heaved a sigh of relief” when the Florida Board of Education banned the teaching of CRT in Florida, “embracing a traditional American education,” Pruitt said.

“Wonderful we thought, Florida students must be getting a great education. The whole country said we should use Florida as an example.” “How wrong we were. We must remember that communists never stop.”

It is Pruitt’s opinion that the Florida Department of Education’s Curriculum Department is either “incompetent and has never reviewed the texts and courses they approved” or that they are “undermining Governor DeSantis and Commissioner Corcoran. “

“In any case,” he warned. “They should be fired.”


Patricia Tolson is an award-winning political columnist and investigative reporter who worked for Yahoo! US News and The Tampa Free Press. His focus is covering political events and developments throughout the southeastern United States, which can have an impact on the entire country.


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