Despite positive attitude, Fernando Gago's demand

Despite positive attitude, Fernando Gago's demand

Fernando Gago soon turned into a red and white team where he ruled disorder and it seemed like lost confidence and turned it into a joint group And organized. Shivaj they have a new face, but despite three Victory continuously in Completion 2024 This also includes another Concachampions He argentina coach He doesn’t want to get overconfident.

after jubilation of 2-1 Guadalajara in front of fc juarez, from Pintita‘ Praised Display of each of its members outline However, he asked them Keep ESA regularity so that the Victory be part of you everyday life,

Fernando Gago’s request to his students

“But how can they not do that celebrate victory It is normal for boys to celebrate it. every party to be eligible Are Recognition And enjoy it, then we’ll be back Work and from that keep moving forward, What do we play for? to get i need accustomed to winning, Maya It belongs to the people, it belongs to us but we should not get confused, we should get confused work in progress Like that,” he asked them.

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Gago spoke strategic work During the meeting held in Akron Stadium, 37 year old coach also reduced the pressure Leonardo Sepulveda as well as each member equipment Because he said that when talking about his staff as a unit made up of diverse people, his focus is not on the specific, but on the general. members,

“We had to Patience there was one equipment The temperature was low, we had to go along deselects With the walls, we were able to open the scoreboard, we maintained the game, the scoreboard, We suffer after being expelled But we were never in danger, in general, it was a very nice mail, of players Person I don’t like to talk, i take it collectively I hope everyone is aware Maximum Level Whether I apply it or not, whether I take it off or apply it for 10 minutes, it is my decision. all players they are at a very good level Regardless of Pavel, he has to improve his performance, I need it inner race“, he commented.

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He warned that whoever is in the best moment will play

former player of Boca Juniors this real Madrid He insisted that his system Training gives priority to set game So he hopes that a healthy Competition For 11 places on the field.

“I try to get everybody the intensity is that each person earns his place in Training I said it before, I said it when I came, you can start equipment and most likely finish the second I need everyone to be nice, I need it Capacity For level up Among them, a certain match we can play with a line of three or four, let’s go looking for the best moment Of footballers so they can play,” he concluded.

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