Despite the criticism, Toyota continues to view electric cars the same way

Despite the criticism, Toyota continues to view electric cars the same way

Toyota has already begun progress in developing a range of 100% electric vehicles just a few months ago; especially, after a major change in its leadership. Before this, the company was completely focused on continuing to develop its hybrid cars, for which it gained a lot of fame. However, the head of Toyota Germany, Andre Schmidt he admitted in a recent interview with Car Week which supports this particular market vision.

The Japanese company has supported on several occasions that the reduction of carbon emissions cannot be achieved only by the development and sale of battery-powered cars. In their particular view, they affirm that there are other alternatives, such as electrification through hydrogen fuel cells or continuous progress in the field of hybridization of their vehicles. This is why Toyota has been criticized many times for its approach to the market. However, the current registration numbers are still at the top of the sector and therefore, there are many who support it.

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Hybridization will continue to be the ‘main course’ of the Toyota range.

Toyota and its particular vision of the market

Schmidt pointed out during the aforementioned interview that the brand continues to pave the way towards battery-electric technology. “We could have imitated Tesla. But that’s the wrong approach for Toyota. We have to find our own path and that is what we are doing right now,” said the manager. “Our goal is to provide as many drivers as possible with alternative units as soon as possible. “This reduces CO2 emissions more than supplying some customers with some ‘very expensive’ purely de electric vehicle.”

“Politicians are lacking if they want to solve this big problem with one technology. If you only rely on a narrow technological path, it will take more time for decarbonization than if many paths are simultaneously bypass,” emphasized the German official. On the other hand, he also had the opportunity to speak about his opinion on signing the Elon Musk: “Tesla is in a way a pacemaker for the industry. “Tesla’s success is also based on the speed with which the company has developed all the elements of electrification.”

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Toyota will soon launch a variety of electric cars with different bodies.

The German manager is clear that it will not only depend on the condition of the powertrain itself, because there are many sections where it can differ: the way of obtaining raw materials, the production of cars and their components, the selling price itself . recycling at the end of its useful life. It is precisely this last point where most car companies are focusing in the coming years, because the so-called ‘circular economy’ will be one of the fundamental axes when it comes to reducing carbon emissions.

However, Toyota has already started to change the direction of the business for the coming years. At the moment continues to reject an automotive range consisting only of battery-electric vehicles, because it defends the mechanical type. Let’s remember that in the coming years they hope to launch many battery-powered models, such as the long-awaited sports car that will replace the legendary MR2 or many SUVs of different sizes.

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