‘Destroying mosques, this is the only way to fight Islam’: Swedish leaders attack infiltrators

'Destroying mosques, this is the only way to fight Islam': Swedish leaders attack infiltrators

Sweden’s right-wing leader Jimmy Akesson said the police should launch a campaign to find and destroy mosques where anti-democracy speeches are preached. His statement was contradicted by the Prime Minister of the country, Ulf Christerson.

Jimmy Akesson says that increasing Islamization can only be fought by finding such mosques and then destroying them. Jimmy Akesson says that new mosques should not be allowed to be built. He also said that illegal infiltrators from abroad should not have the right to build mosques.

“It is important for us not to start destroying and seizing mosques, where most of the anti-democratic, anti-Swedish, anti-Semitic, anti-homophobic and anti-Swedish propaganda comes from,” Akesson said.

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Jimmy Akesson is the leader of Sweden’s second largest party, the Sweden Democrats. He is also part of the government alliance. His party has 72 seats in the Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament. His statement was contradicted by the Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Christerson.

Prime Minister Ulf Christerson said Akesson’s statement was condemnable. Ulf Christerson said that in Sweden we do not destroy places of worship. He said that what Akesson said did not represent Swedish values. He said that we should fight against fundamentalism but within the democratic framework.

Prime Minister Aksen also expressed concern that this will also reduce our chances of joining NATO. It is noteworthy that Sweden wants to join NATO but Turkey does not support it. Turkey says that Islamophobia is increasing in Sweden, so we do not support it. The first incidents of Quran burning came to light in Sweden.

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