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Detox Diet For Fit New Year’s Eve? nutritionists are brilliant, no

five kilos is the average we get fat on these dates. Lot’s of appetizer We know when they begin, but never when they end. christmas eve dinnerThe christmas food, celebration of san esteban, the Breakfast with him more small, The Night Out… If There’s Anything That Describes Us feed and habits Christmas holidays Huh excesses, less than a week from New Year’s Eve, The great social event of the year, and the final fireworks ReyesLas social media I influential people we are bombed detox diet, The miracles that we will get from this type of eating plan are: Cleansing of our organisms, rehydrate our skinincrease the energy and lose weight. we talked with nutritionist About this extended exercise and the real results that we can get.

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The first thing to be clear about, says nutritionist, is what we mean by “overwhelming”. ana amengualOf Nutrition and Psycho-Nutrition Center julia farre: “Eating foods with a higher caloric density than what we are accustomed to eating. Excessive. The feeling that your stomach is very full and yet, continue to eat, whether it is for pleasure, for anxiety, for boredom….Finally upset because digestion is too heavy. EXPERT For, it is very important to dispel the misconception of compensation as the key to our diets: “Bad habits harm our health yes or yes, for our body they go unnoticed and by forming a good habit or what we consider compensatory: We don’t fix or repair or balance or compensate anything”, The second and most important thing for Amengual is not to believe in miracles. “No food cleanses or purifies us no matter how many vitamins it contains. In a healthy body, those in charge detoxification Organisms are kidney, liver, skin and lungs. There’s no way to improve something that’s already working fine. If we want to live a toxin free life, we should not smoke, exercise and adopt good food habits.

“It is important to note that the concept of detox does not exist. It is not in the RAE dictionary nor is it used in medical terminology. For dietitian-nutritionists, Rocio Praxedes, From Quironsalud Valencia Obesity Unit, “The arguments that introduce and justify these diets contradict basic principles of medicine, nutrition, and food”. In general, the discourse from which we draw from these practices uses phrases and keywords that are associated with health and wellness. “Sometimes, they even challenge the law in this regard approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).” Praxades cautions that the food restriction upon which these diets are modeled is usually translated by our bodies as periods of semi-fasting: “In the first phase, if the difference between caloric expenditure and consumption is too much There is a rapid loss of muscle mass. This explains a lot of weight loss in a few days. Our body sacrifices muscle mass in order to raise blood glucose values ​​and maintain vital functions dependent on this nutrient. In the second phase, if we maintain these diets for several days, Our body will adapt to make greater use of stored fat and reduce its own protein consumption., However, if too many fatty acids reach the liver, this organ will not be able to process them, they will accumulate inside and contribute to the appearance of fatty liver. Sometimes we forget that food is necessary for survival. If obesity is harmful, then malnutrition is also harmful.”

maria gilnutritionist and health coach, Makes us concerned with the negative effects caused by these nutrition strategies. “These shakes do not detoxify, cleanse or purify our body. In fact, neither vegetables nor fruits have that quality. Neither blended nor raw. The best way to eat vegetables and fruits is in their natural form This is to provide the body with all the nutrients like fiber.Vitamins and minerals are not mixed as they lose most of the benefits mentioned and their complex carbohydrates (good) are immediately converted to simple carbohydrates (not so good).

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