Detroit Named The No.1 City For Best Pizza

Photo Credit: Photo by Anon from Pexels

A recent study revealed that Detroit was named the “pizza capital of the United States” due to multiple statistics.

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The city ranked number one for multiple categories which included their infamous Detroit-style pizza, best barbeque chicken pizza, and no.2 for Chicago-style pizza. According to Detroit Free Press, a Detroit-style pizza is a “thick crust square pizza with crisp corners of brick cheese.” It was originally created by the local pizzeria Buddy’s Pizza.

Detroit-style Pizza
Lake Grove, NY: A Detroit-style pizza pie from The Pizzeria, a restaurant located inside of the Smith Haven Mall food court in Lake Grove, New York. (Photo by Corin Hirsch/Newsday RM via Getty Images)

The study was hosted by which revealed they used specific criteria based on search engine trends, pizza restaurant per 100,000 residents, and restaurants per square mile. Cleveland, Ohio placed No. 2 on the list while Columbus, Ohio placed third. New York ranked No. 22 on the list.

“To create a definitive list of the best cities for pizza, we analyzed publicly available US business data, Census data, economic and labor statistics, and Google Trends data, as well as findings from Thrillist, Pizza Today, Expensivity, and Menu With Price “

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The site also looked at the average cost of pizza and affordability based on the neighborhood’s median income.