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DiaformRX: It is not a medicine nor does it cure diabetes

You have asked us in our WhatsApp service about a web page that promotes the sale of DiaformRx, a product that is presented as a “medicine” and that is supposed to “cure diabetes forever in three months”. promises. This is wrong, It is not a drug recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Health and its advertisements are without its consent in a national newspaper and without the image of two public figures. The Spanish Diabetes Federation advises against the use of this product and warns of the danger of this type of “miracle cure”.

“The famous Spaniard Pablo Motos cured diabetes and saved his leg from amputation! He was helped by a natural remedy from the country’s leading doctor, Bartolomé Beltrán”, we read on the website that promotes the product, which Uses a header image that mimics a newspaper banner. World, The text states that “diabetes mellitus was incurable” but “everything changed with the advent of the unique drug DiaformRx.” He says that this product “eliminates insulin resistance and makes it possible to cure diabetes forever in three months.” The web circulates some purported statements attributed to presenter Pablo Motos and doctor Bartolomé Beltrán. it’s not true, The website is not related to the newspaper World why There is no evidence that these two personalities made these statements Supporting false measures.

DiaformRX is not a medicine

DiaformRX is not recognized as a medicine by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Your name does not appear in the drug search engine of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (aemps, Nor does it appear as a food supplement in the search engine of the Spanish Food Safety Agency (Posture, we have asked Spanish Diabetes Federation Promoted by DiaformRX and its manager, Mercedes Maderuelo assures the web that it is “about”Completely and utterly misleading information, He explains that the Spanish Diabetes Federation “had no record” of the existence of DiaformRx and insisted that Diabetes “There Is No Cure”, It’s a chronic pathology that “you’ll live with for the rest of your life,” he says. Madruelo remembers that The “prescription of treatment” against diabetes is carried out by a health professionalnot a web page” and “insists on quarantining any information in which the expression ‘miracle cure’ appears”. Here you can read what treatments are currently implemented according to the type of diabetes.

No results for DiaformRX in the drug search engine of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products. VerificaRTVE

Maderuello also states that “It is prohibited to advertise health products financed by the National Health System through networks and media For chronic treatments”, such as diabetes, cancer or multiple sclerosis. Also he warned Diabetic patient “may put his health at risk if he skips his usual treatment Because the level of glucose in his blood is about to touch the sky. Among the main dangers posed by this decision, he stressed, “there could be a series of cardiovascular complications in the long term, as well as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic foot, amputations”, etc. More information on the diagnosis, detection and prevention of this pathology is available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

False healing website replaces a newspaper and two public figures

Website selling DiaformRX replaces newspaper banner image in its header World, Its URL address has no relation to this newsletter ( and two different web analysis tools conclude that the page is “malicious”As you can see in the picture below.

The URL of the web page spreading this counterfeit appears as “Malicious” in the Virus Aggregate and URL web analysis tools. VerificaRTVE

If we click on the tab that replaces WorldThe web directs us to a section to process the purchase of this product. It uses the same indirect selling techniques of other fake remedies., asking the buyer for his name and phone number so that an agent can call him to make a purchase. We have also seen complaints on spam list websites (dedicated to fighting unwanted calls) from people who report that they have received unsolicited calls offering DiaformRX and who claim that it is a “scam”.

Part of the web that replaces the newspaper El Mundo where the purchase of this counterfeit drug is processed. VerificaRTVE

Website promoting false cures Also impersonates the identity of television presenter Pablo Motos. Using several photographs taken from his social networks and attributing to him some statements of which there is no evidence that he has made. Images used by the web have no relation to this product, but were published by the presenter herself in November 2020 after shoulder surgery. Here you can see that the pictures are taken from the video that the presenter has published on his Instagram profile. as well, We could not find references to this product in their social networks,

Bartolomé Beltrán is one of the names cited on the web promoting pseudo-medicine. Webb refers to this physician as the “pioneer” of the development of this bogus cure. It also appears on the cover of a magazine with an image of the DiaformRX product, but we searched for the edition, year and month the publication appeared and Dr. Beltran does not appear on any cover in that period.

The spread of “miracle cures” on social media

Internet has become the main platform for The spread of pseudo-medicines and treatments without scientific evidence that promise to cure chronic diseases like diabetes or cancer. At VerificaRTVE we work to debunk these “miracle cures” that are often circulated on social networks and that on occasions impersonate the image of health professionals to support their false drugs and promote their sales.

One of the most recent cases discussed in VerificaRTVE is the Cardione hoax, A scam that impersonated a cardiologist to sell this counterfeit drug Which promises to eliminate heart problems “naturally”. In 2022 we have Hondrox, a Fake Cure That Promised To Eliminate Joint Pain In “Ten Days”, All fake When you have questions about products that offer treatment against diseases, you can ask your nearest pharmacy and check whether the product is registered as a medicine in the Registry of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products. recognized as such or not.

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