Did Christian Nodal give Belinda a fake engagement ring? A jeweler explains it in detail

 Did Christian Nodal give Belinda a fake engagement ring?  A jeweler explains it in detail

A few days ago, Belinda finally released her long-awaited single Cactus on digital platforms worldwide and sent her fans crazy!

With this song, Belinda signals her return to the music world and she does so by adopting the new trend of corridos tumbados and generating much controversy due to her apparent involvement with Christian Nodal. Like Shakira, Belinda showed up and launched into a rousing song which internet users claim is against Nodal.

And thousands of fans have already expressed that they find a lot of references to his ex-partner in the song, one of the most commented details is the one that refers to the engagement ring that Christian Nodal gave the singer in 2021. In terms of jewelry, the ring cost approximately $3 million, making it one of the most expensive engagement rings.

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Czech: Belinda: All references to her shooting Nodal: “What was the point of getting my eyes tattooed?”

Belinda suggests that the engagement ring Nodal gave her was a fake.

In the song, released on January 31, Belinda mentions a line: “A stone that wasn’t real, in a commitment to pretend,” possibly referring to the huge diamond stone that Nodal gave her.

Was the engagement ring that Nodal gave to Belinda a fake? A jeweler explains it

A user on TikTok who is a jewelry expert started investigating the jewelry more after hearing the song and seeing the controversy it was creating. During his research, he came across rumors that didn’t have much relevance at the time, but now seem to be confirmed by Belinda’s song 89.

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According to the jeweler, the marriage proposal was conceived as a coordinated event as part of a planned collaboration between Christian Nodal and the jewelry store responsible for creating the ring. According to rumors reported by the jeweler, after finishing the photo session, the jewelry store employees may have asked Belinda to return the ring.


More theories emerged!

However, although this theory does not seem so far-fetched, the social network raised questions about why she wore the expensive ring in other events or videos.

Other theories suggest that in cases where the jewel is so expensive, it is often done in order to save the original piece and give the wearer an exact replica but of much less value, i.e. a fake, to avoid theft.

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Another version spread on social networks indicates that the jewel that Belinda was showing was a replica of the ring, because due to the characteristics of the magnificent jewel, it would take at least three months for the jewelery shop to complete the creation of the original jewelery.

At present Bailey has not said anything about this. But his new role is breaking him. , Congratulations!!


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