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Did Energy Field back off to ride the momentum with the leader? – Every morning

Cooperative Electric de Bolívar experienced this week, perhaps its most troubled day since the beginning of the new millennium. Coincidentally, in recent days, Carlos José, one of perhaps the most “invisible” presidents that the institution has had for many years, left this plane, and almost no one remembered him. He was a man of low profile, who did things, who managed various boards of directors; but what he had in the underground profile was hyperbole, perhaps what is needed to manage the fund, that is, it was and always will be a hot iron, with or without the line 132. Incised on Monday, which continued until early Tuesday morning, shaken. the anger of many who asked for explanations.

There are two or three books that write about everything that was said, those who affirmed that they went to complain and were laughed at, others who say that they never answered, etc. It is about the management of the matter, surely it will have to review the current board of directors if things have been said so by the users who did not leave the headquarters of 25 de Mayo and Edison on Tuesday before until Jorge Campos submitted his resignation.

But what happened, to what we saw years ago, observing the whole spectrum that to Cooperante, line 132, the relationship with Eden and others, deserves a copious analysis, because they all followed Campos, with Less than a year ago, the majority of those who voted they went on March 28, 2022, they considered the Savior, the man who needed to keep the power from going out, the one who needed to deal with the municipality; a province or a nation along the long awaited line to the end.

From champion to newsboy in less than a year

No one can deny that resounding triumph of the Campos Energéticos in March 2022. Rejected because he was defeated by the governing Cooperator party in the historic election, in which, although there were many actors from the municipality participating, they gave it an impression with Belgrano XI. there is no opportunity. background Some do; but very few. Jorge Orlando Campos, a group of people of all acquaintances in society, who, despite the prejudices that were held against them, as Luz Piro herself recognized, came forward because they understood that they were involved in trying to change the way. of things

For many of them it was the first engagement, with all the dangers it entailed. The celebration of March 28 ended a few days later. It is not that you cannot have as legitimate and violent a triumph as that which has taken place; but after him the triumph of the election of the new board of directors, which took place a few days later, and the mind, as it was announced before, that Luz Piro was catapulted into the principal chair, since everything was destined for Jorge Campos nets, because it was in a more secret place, and it was a vice.

There were some in the beginning that were more similar to Piro’s previous administration. Because in the campaign they complained that Cooperante did not resign properly, and shortly after the manager Mauricio Danessa resigned or was induced to resign, it was never clear, and Javier Rodríguez, the president of the Council, was not informed that it was in his mind. I give former Administration. Moreover, the administration continued, answering a question in a press conference saying that Jorge Campos and Marcelo Pérez shared the administration “to honor”.

Considering that Matías Papaleo, the head of the previous board, continued in the cooperative plan, it is not unfair to think that he could make a trident, with the experience of Matías and the influence of Pérez and Campos. Like all management, it is clothing. There are opinions which I do not like to all, because, when they have thought to do much to contrary things, no one can deny that they have the best plan; but within is seen, whatever is killed, a perspective different from what was seen without, now not only seen from within. This caused some of the original members of Campos Energéticos to distance themselves, even questioning the social networks.

Some kind of faster ship jumped, it seemed. But Campos did not stop, he continued to go. Luz Piro, the president, is always trying to put cool cloths in the nets and privately admitting that he had great discussions about it. They knew that they had reached it because of the cunning of Campi; but they saw that certain forms had to remain in place, and Jorge Orlando is such that no one can deny that he is coming otherwise, and he presented his resignation on Monday in the same way, not keeping it; with ways to please everyone, perhaps; but those who considered him on the 28th of March of the following year, knew that he was not going to change the position he had held.

It seemed that George would receive more of an attack of endurance as he did on Tuesday, and we have no doubt that he will; but things happened in such a way that the guillotine fell on his head just as it was being lowered in the hottest times, and he had no choice but to write a resignation and present it unflinchingly, and there it began to be celebrated. deconcentrate

About the mistakes of Tuesday

Those who remember the transitions of networks that Jorge Orlando Campos had with the management of Javier Rodríguez, often remember that a man from Campos Energéticos appeared before Cooperate, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied, and then the President of the Board of Directors either went out in MARMORA or did a few interviews and decompressions. It was a mistake on Tuesday, before they called the likes in front of the headquarters of the Cooperator, not proposing that they choose to speak to the protesters 3 people. Rather, they opened the doors to everyone, thinking that they could handle the matter, and the truth became inextinguishable.

The Board of Directors knew or thought they were angry more with Jorge Campos than with the rest. Faced with such a scenario, the best thing was to win the talks, including women from the council, because any spark would start a big fire. While watching Luz Piro de Bolívar elaborate questions, Campos had to be “safe” not to expose him, knowing that any reaction or answer that did not suit the protestors would “fire him”. He ought to have taken more care of himself, and George himself ought to have taken more care of himself. Sometimes the “soldier fleeing” is for another war, and sometimes it is more for intelligence than cowardice; but it did not happen.

leaving him

We all know that Jorge Orlando Campos and his group from Campos Energéticos had various resources to win that historic election for Cooperative Eléctrica. Now, last Monday, none of his supporters raised a hand to help him, he was left to fend for himself, mobbed by his partners in the Board of Directors. It should be known, for those who have a short memory, that not before a year ago Campos Energéticos won 70% of the votes, almost leaving the largest margin to the previous governing party, which won the repulse, with no fewer. Campos accumulated more than 1,000 votes and chose to sit in place (he would later become disabled). There was no one who would come out to defend it, because it was the head of the field that was being dealt with, and no one prevented them from being cut off.

He shuddered at bad luck

When Campos Energéticos won the elections on March 28, 2022, three months and a week had passed since the fall of the columns of Line 132, which seemed to be installed. More than a year later, there were no columns that fell and broke; but they are next to the cisterns, waiting to stop again. Too much time. When Bali Bucca announced the construction of Line 132, he said “when Bolívar has it, he will be able to buy energy from whoever wants it.”

They noted EDEN, which is served to us by the generous Henderson. It was already difficult for the management of Javier Rodríguez, regardless of the debts they have, to answer for EDEN in the sections that are generated in each of the 33 lines that come from the neighboring city. EDEN knows that it will lose Bolívar as a client when 132 is there, and does little to solve our problems when we have one. The story was told too soon, and they played us badly in the end.

The future of the field

Uncertain. He presented his resignation as irrevocable, even though it had been accepted by the Board of Directors. It seems that there is not much of an exit besides the door. but it remains indeed in the visible, if one is backward enough to bear it. Campos, in his journey, the heart of the team, led them to victory and defended himself to expose himself on Tuesday, and he is the only one who paid the price.

Speculation at that time, after the triumph of March of last year, a possible candidate for the Council of Jorge Orlando, which he had already suggested with some posters that appeared two years ago (2021). This is done out of the blue, at least for the upcoming elections. The issue is how a guy who can’t sit down because it’s too long to hold still. His future depends on how he behaves, and how much those around him will take care of him.

Future Energy Fields

He brought back to the field many who had never participated in any event, many who made their first appearance in this participation. Many, indeed, were left behind, others during the day, because not all have the right to trigger; but he made visible the neighbors who, with another leader, can be good companions, and even become leaders themselves in time. Carmpos Energéticos has the last name of the leader in its name, it is impossible to escape from it. Luz Piro seems to have controversy, despite the short time of his profession. Marcelo Pérez is also an interesting painting, you have to see it alone, without Campos.

Elias Chorén demonstrated in PAMI how things could be done; For although something else is co-operative, and it is itself an external agent, yet it is part of the multitude, and has an influence on many. Gustavo Murgades is also closely associated with Luca Noblía Coopemed. and Veronica Coria with Luz Piro’s cane. In comparison with football, what happened in Cooperative Eléctrica was similar to what happened to the Argentine National Team in the 1994 World Cup in the United States. Having cut off the fields with his legs like Diego Maradona, we will see if “Caniggia, Balbo, Redondo and Batistuta, who remained in their rooms, can continue without feeling the departure of the leader. It is a time of laughter.

burning iron

Whoever comes, now or when the Board of Directors is to be renewed, should know that there are external issues that are not pending before the Board, for which the electricity may be cut off. We will have to see how many people want to give up leisure, time with family, to enjoy the times, to start an institution that in recent times has brought more pains than satisfaction to those who managed it. In addition to that, the company is very sensitive, and a change of opinion is not supported in the year that went out to ask. Something bigger is needed, with more actors, almost with the whole community, trying to pull in the same direction from this problem industry. As long as divisions prevail, there will be no margin, and whoever comes, now or later, will fail in the attempt, or at the end of the 132 term.

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