Did Prosecutor Hur overstep his bounds by calling Biden an “old man with a bad memory”?

Did Prosecutor Hur overstep his bounds by calling Biden an “old man with a bad memory”?

Joe Biden avoided a potential problem by being acquitted by the special prosecutor investigating his handling of classified documents, but he found himself in an even more delicate situation due to his age and poor memory in the context of the case with Robert Hur. Justified its decision not to recommend. The final test of the President.

In her final report of her more than a year-long investigation into classified documents held by Biden during his time as Barack Obama’s vice president, Hur cited the president’s “poor memory” 22 times, which she described as “a Let’s describe in. “Old man, well-intentioned” who would be difficult for a jury to convict at trial.

This prompted the anger of the President, who offered an impromptu press conference Thursday night at the White House to assure that “my recollection is spot on” and criticized prosecutor Hur, saying he had no reason to blame for the death of his son Beau. Don’t remember the date.

However the president didn’t help himself by answering a question about Israel’s war against Hamas shortly afterward in which he confused Mexico with Egypt, something that reinforces the argument that his age. Due to his age (81 years) his abilities have diminished.

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Language “inappropriate” for a special prosecutor

Before the document was made public, White House counsel Richard Sauber and the President’s personal attorney, Bon Bauer, questioned Hur’s characterization of the President and sought adjustments to the wording.

Biden confuses Egypt’s president with Mexico’s president while maintaining his memory is “correct”

“The President’s inability to remember dates or details of events that occurred years ago is neither surprising nor unusual, especially given that numerous questions asked him about packing, shipping, and storing materials and furniture during this period. Store employees were asked to memorize job details. Between residences,” the lawyers wrote.

Noting that similar “presumed memory loss occurred with other witnesses in this investigation,” the lawyers acknowledged that Hur treated Biden to a different standard than other witnesses consulted during his investigation and that he It did so “in prejudicial and inflammatory terms”.

“You reference President Biden’s memory on at least nine occasions, a figure that in itself is unnecessary. “This language is not supported by the facts nor was it appropriately used by a federal prosecutor in this context.”

Both asked him to modify the words so that they could be expressed “in a manner that is within the limits of his experience and ability.”

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Who determines whether Biden can stand trial?

Those within the White House and the Democratic Party believe that Hur went too far and went beyond his mandate to determine whether there were crimes committed by the President.

But in his report, Hur indicated that Biden “will probably present himself to the jury, as he did during our interview, as an old ‘good guy,’ with good intentions and a bad memory.” (…) He is someone many jurors would want to identify with reasonable doubts.”

At another point, the special prosecutor refers to the President’s “diminished powers and faulty memory”.

“There’s certainly no crime in being a well-intentioned old man,” Democratic Senator James Blumenthal was quoted as saying by The Huffington Post, adding that Hur “should decide whether a crime has been committed… “Don’t speculate about what I’m doing. “I swear, don’t guess how perfect or sharp Joe Biden’s mind is.”

In any case, a person’s competency to stand trial is determined in court through a court-ordered “psychiatric or psychological examination”, as outlined in the Justice Department’s Manual of Criminal Procedure.

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That’s why some believe this is a “political job” done by a Republican prosecutor (Hur was appointed by Trump as a Virginia prosecutor), even though it was Attorney General Merrick Garland who assigned him the job.

Special counsel’s report as a political weapon against Biden

Although the issue of classified documents was closed to the president, the door was open to debate over the mental and physical capabilities of the oldest president to occupy the White House.

And it’s a vein that some people are very willing to use to ensure that Biden, who is almost certainly a candidate for re-election, does not get another four years in office, as Hur’s The swift response from Republicans to the report reflects this.

President Mike Johnson called the special counsel’s assessment of Biden’s memory one of the “most troubling” aspects of his report.

“An individual unfit to hold accountability for the misuse of classified information is certainly not fit for the Oval Office,” House Majority Leader Johnson said in a joint statement from House leadership.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio wrote in a message about his president.


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