Diego Rivarola and his slap on the wrist of this player from the University of Chile: “Performance must increase”

Diego Rivarola gives this player an assignment at the University of Chile

University of Chile This preseason has got off to a positive start, with the team leading gustavo alvarez He has shown an interesting style of play for a ‘secular’ team, where the coach has already been able to impose his influence.

While doing this analysis the former footballer. Diego Rivarola He took time to talk about U’s present in the ESPN program ‘F90’, in which he gives a task to a player who is grateful for his performance, the Argentinian midfielder. Emmanuel Ojeda.

,Ojeda didn’t start like that, his performance wasn’t like that. I point out that Ojeda is in this recovery and whenever a new year begins, There are new hopes and expectations that he will be the hero in this team.“, Rivarola started pointing.

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Sticking with it, the Blue Idol stressed that the former Rosario Central must improve his level of play, noting that he could share the court with classy University of Chile player Marcelo Diaz.

,Efficiency will have to be increased, With Marcelo Diaz, who He is such a player who can show you a very good game.” he explained.

Finally, Rivarola showed his belief that the Argentinian midfielder can silence the criticism that he has begun to receive and, in 2024, he can spend a great year with the ‘Romantic Traveller’.

“I think I I point so that it can lead to his (Ojeda) development“, concluded the former footballer.

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What was Emmanuel Ojeda’s number with the U’s in 2023?

The blue midfielder played 23 games with the University of Chile shirt in 2023, in which he provided two assists.