Diego Vazquez talks about Jonathan Rougier's call up to the Honduras national team and the Motagua moment


Motagua defeated Marathón 2–0 on matchday five of the Honduran National League and Blues coach Diego Vazquez assessed the victory as “a tough match”.

“That’s part of what we’re doing, in many games we’ve been changing the system, depending on what the opponent presents and regardless of what someone does, I think today we had to There’s been very little damage, we’ve had a lot more intensity, a lot more effort.” Of football and it’s always there. We had to be very intense because Marathon handles the ball well, we suffered very little, I do not remember interference from Johnny (Rougier),” he expressed.

Jonathan Rougier speaks for the first time about his call up to the Honduras national team: “I dreamed about it many times”

And he added: “I think we deserved to score another goal, but we’re happy because we beat a team who are doing very well and we beat them the whole game.”

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Diego Vazquez said Motagua needed to be stronger on home soil.

“We did many things well, there are always details to correct, but we suffered a little and we were able to score another goal, we have to be strong in Nacional, which is our temple, our home, we We have to assert ourselves and that is what Motagua wants to do”, he declared.

The Argentina technical director believes his team is on the right track. “It was a perfect match, not all matches have the same story, I’m going to watch it again, more to keep it going than to fix it and reinforce what we did well.”

He consulted with Diego about Jorge Serrano and his replacement. “We have a team that we wanted, which competes depending on the situation and at times what we have in mind is what the opponent presents, in performance, injuries and countless factors for them to play or not play. Things happen and they have to take advantage of how many minutes they have. They have to adapt, they just came,” he explained.

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One of the topics that has been much debated in recent days is the call-up of Jonathan Rougier to the Honduras national team. Diego Vazquez talked about the topic.

This is what the grass of the National Chelato Uclès Stadium looks like after the concert and demolition of the stands

“He deserves it, he scored a historic goal in the whole league, but not just because of the goal, he has been one of the best three in the country for some time now and it makes me happy for him, I congratulate him And I hope he does well,” Diego said.

Regarding the call to “H” of several Motagua players, he commented: “It is a local team, many times it is not determined, but since being called up is a reward for them, they have to take advantage, the national team is Apart from the team, when he is here his focus should be on the team and when he goes there the coach will ask him whatever he wants.

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Finally, he revealed when Rubilio Castillo will be available.

“I think Rubilio has already done three games, maybe the next one,” he explained.

Regarding Rodrigo Ozmendi’s debut, Agustín’s younger brother Diego Vazquez made it clear that whoever is the best will play.

“For Rodrigo, he is coming, he has had some training sessions, he has to adapt to the country, he is a young player and whoever is better will play,” he concluded.


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