Diocese of Palencia – Celebrating the Word

Diocese of Palencia - Celebrating the Word

1. Settings

We can place a sign with one of these phrases: “Do everything for the glory of God” O, “Jesus heals and heals for life”, Next to the chosen phrase, you can place a poster of world sick day,

2. Initial rites

Entry warning. People soon discovered the caring nature of Jesus. His special sensitivity towards those marginalized, whether due to disease, behavior or ideology, was particularly evident. The gospel tells us that they came to him from everywhere for guidance and healing. The truth is that Jesus did not tolerate marginalization of any kind. to save For Jesus, it means reclaiming the right to live in integration and freedom, without pointing a finger at anyone. This is what He accomplishes with the leper… To do this He had to break a tradition and laws that did not go along with the Father’s heart of mercy.

With these feelings in our hearts we begin the celebration.


Greetings. Sisters and brothers, let us gather our lives together in praise and bless the Lord.

penitential work

You, who welcome all: Lord have mercy.

You, who have reconciled us, christ have mercy

You, who spread health and good spirit, Lord have mercy



Lord, you are happy in us when we do things well, help us to always choose what pleases you, what is good, what makes others happy, so you will always be with us. By JNS Amen.

3. Worship of the word

Pay attention to studies. Throughout history there have been people who have been marginalized because of their “dangerous” disease, because of its transmission. The leprosy that is seen today is largely caused by the moral rot of the powerful… Jesus always demonstrated closeness to all the infected… the marginalized. He doesn’t mind being touched… he even reaches out for physical contact, because healing a human being is much more important for the community, for life.

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In the second reading Paul exhorts us to do everything for the glory of God, to be an example and never cause disgrace, to serve others selflessly in the pursuit of their well-being and salvation.

Reading. Lv 13,1-2.44-46. Song hymn. 1Co 10, 31-11,1. greetings, Mach 1, 40-45. short silence

Homogeneous comment. According to Jewish law, lepers were to be ostracized, considered unclean and removed from social life; They were “contagious”, no one could go near them. It was a way to protect ourselves from that disease…incurable and dangerous…how little things have changed in so many thousands of years!!

But we are not in the old law… Jesus is the newness, he has made everything new…He could not follow the customs of the traditions that were molding and hardening the hearts of people, even the hearts of those who claimed God as their Father.

He felt pity, reached out his hand and touched her… He violated the law, but he did not feel unclean or his reputation tarnished, as most traditionalists claimed. On the contrary, He was in a very good position to heal one person…He came…For this He is among us. Reclaim the people for the kingdom.

How do we respond to the illness of others?

And in the face of poverty that starves thousands of people?

As we reflect, we will probably realize the danger of marginalization and marginalization… What have been the reasons for this? What leprosy have we found in the people we have thrown out of our lives? And if we see the Guru, how should we move forward?…

Christian love does not accept marginalization of any kind; He is compassionate towards the suffering and needs of the underprivileged. The landscape of poverty and marginalization in our world is widening day by day. It is not far from us. he lured us to sleep with him “welfare” And what is seen is a scene of poverty that shatters the soul.

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This problem is not of any one day or campaign, but of the entire year. Collection of Global Campaign Against World Hunger It proposes us to consider the way we live our lives, the needs we invent, the meaning of what is essential. Only solidarity – evangelical love – can resolve, sustain universal solidarity consciousness. (silence of internalization)

basic mantra

and request

Let us pray that progress may be the means of justice and freedom for the people and for the people, Let us pray to the Lord.

To those who are most responsible for social justice and distribution of goods, so that they are good administrators of what has been entrusted to them, Let us pray to the Lord.

Let us pray that we will be able to create a culture of solidarity among all, Let us pray to the Lord

Let us pray especially for those who work for the poorest, let us pray to the lord,

Let us pray for all the victims of the hunger epidemic that continues to crush lives. The vaccine was invented by Jesus two thousand years ago: “You give them something to eat.”, So that our love for Jesus and our commitment to solidarity reduce so much pain, Let us pray to the Lord.

4. Sacrament of communion

alert. Jesus’ behavior is so full of mercy that it often reveals the smallness of our hearts. Sharing His Word and His bread is an inspiration to live in brotherhood and solidarity with all.


Introduction to the Lord’s Prayer

kind father,
Receive our praise and thanks
For the merciful love of Jesus
who reclaimed many lost and despised people
To restore their dignity and hope.

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Receive our appreciation for Jesus the Savior,
Who put many women and men on their feet
buried under their sorrows and despairing
Because he never aroused anyone’s interest.

You know our limitations and weaknesses
But you also know how it affects us
And we are inspired by the impressive mercy of Jesus.

Today, Father, we ask you:
For the poor and the hungry,
For the marginalized and the abandoned,
For all the sick,
For the unemployed and unfortunate people,
For those of us who are victims of corruption scandals…

We pray like this, Father, because we want to bring faith
In the area of ​​commitment to those who are suffering.

May your Spirit enlighten us to be witnesses
Everything you have taught us.

Aware of one’s social responsibility,
We call you: Our Father…

peace gesture

equitable distribution

Thank you

We thank you, good father,
For your word which is the source of wisdom.
Teach us to meditate on it and accomplish it.

we open our hearts
On the breath of your soul,
And we want to remain faithful to Jesus.

And now we have welcomed your word
Help us live it out on the road,
In everyday jobs and businesses.

5. Closing Ceremony

commitment. Work against all forms of marginalization.


final statement. Jesus’ active sensitivity in favor of the marginalized and the underprivileged is one of the most impressive characteristics of his personality.

There is an underlying reason that leads Him this way: He knew, He came from the heart of the Father, He was filled with the power of divine love. Jesus has done everything He needed to do – everything has been accomplished – now it is our turn to be creative, helpful, effective in our solutions.

Without unity, true development is not possible.


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