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Thursday, May 6, 2021

‘Diplomats should not fight with negative news from international media’

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From the beginning of the epidemic, India helped countries around the world. First by exporting hydroxychloroquine and other essential medicines and later providing vaccines to many countries around the world under ‘Vaccine Friendship’.

Even after these efforts of India, the world’s media is not deterring India from doing ‘vulture journalism’ in difficult times. In such a situation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs S.K. Jaishankar gave this to diplomats message He has given that he should not be under pressure from such negative news of international media but should follow his duty.

Indian Express According to the report of S. Jaishankar has asked diplomats to counter the international media’s reports of India’s failure to deal with the epidemic.

While much of the time it was discussed how to use the resources available from other parts of the world to fight the second wave of coronavirus infection in India, the issue was also raised as to how to counter the biased attitude of the international media. According to the report, Foreign Minister Jaishankar told the diplomats that instead of being frustrated by this type of negative reporting by the media, it should be countered.

India became the center of discussion among media around the world amid the second wave of coronavirus infection in India. These media houses are creating excitement in their non-Indian audience or readers by showing pictures of cremations lit in the Hindu way. Photos of the tragic funeral after the deaths caused by the COVID-19 epidemic are now being bought and sold indiscriminately in the Western media after reporting from the crematorium by controversial journalist Barkha Dutt.

British-American Media Company Getty Images Has put many pictures of Indian funeral on its website, which are published on their website. Any media group around the world can buy these photos. These photos are available in three sizes, with the largest size photograph costing Rs 23,000. We recently published 6 articles and 7 photos on burning pyre in India in just two days by Reuters on its home page. Report Was published.

It is to be noted here that when India is going through its tough times, many international media forums like New York Times, New York Post, Al-Jazeera, Washington Post etc. created an atmosphere of fear while doing vulture journalism and spread fake news while Last year, when the US was in its most difficult phase, it was supported by the Indian media.

In April 2020, New York, Wuhan was badly infected with the coronavirus. The bodies were being taken out of the houses like garbage. These were people who did not even get an opportunity to get tested.

Daily beast Wrote at the time, “For the first time Gothamist Data from the Emergency Medical Services reported by the United States shows that the number of people who are likely to die from the virus and have not come on record is large. On Tuesday alone, 256 people were declared dead at home in five cities. As of this month, about 25 people were found dead in their homes in New York City. It was reported that most of Tuesday’s calls Epidemic , Which has already killed more than 5400 people across the state and has infected over 140,386 people. ”

The report said that according to data received from the New York City Fire Department, an average of 2192 ‘dead on arrival’ calls were received in two weeks. Whereas the department had received only 453 such calls in the same period of time in the previous year. In addition, 45 refrigerated trucks were placed on standby mode in New York City so that the corpses could be placed in them and counted later.

The epidemic has targeted countries around the world without discrimination. Even western countries, which consider the criticism of India as their right, were not untouched by this epidemic and their death rate was also much higher. While 208,330 deaths occurred in India, 589,207 deaths were recorded in the US. Ever since the epidemic started America In India, 33 million people have been infected, whereas in India this number is only 18 million, while there is a huge difference in the population of the two countries. The epidemic mortality rate in India is 1% while in the US it is 2%.

Therefore, Western media should show morality and patience over the reporting of Kovid-19 in India. Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar’s statement also matters when he says that instead of being disappointed by the propaganda being run by the media about India, he should be confronted and countered.

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