Disappointment settled in the locker room


Few in the Barcelona locker room expected to lose against Girona: the team showed its best side in two games (Porto and Atlético), players like Pedri and Frenkie relaunched the team, the’Joaos’ sweet, Araújo is again the undisputed leader in defense, and there is a certainty that Lewandowski will soon recover his instinct to score. The atmosphere before the game was one of happy optimism, with the undisguised aim of attacking the leadership before the end of the year.

However, it all ended on deaf ears after Girona’s display at Montjuïc, which led to Barcelona ‘dancing’ in the second half. A bathroom game ended the patience of the stands, with more than one whistle heard as a gesture of disapproval of what they saw. This is not the first time that music has been heard in the air, but with this insistence and duration,.

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The players are frustrated, knowing that a step back has been taken, that the La Liga championship is starting to rise, and that the excuses are starting to run out. On this occasion, there was no sign of relaxation after the defeat. Gündogan publicly criticized the defeat against Real Madrid, saying that he saw some of his teammates not so angry, but the fact is that the image of disappointment and confusion did not invite optimism in the face of the future.

Joan Laporta went to the locker room to comment on the game with Xavi, as he does at the end of every game. I found a discouraged coach who was eager to continue pushing forward, convinced that the team could change the situation.

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However, the atmosphere in the locker room after the loss did not show many green shoots. The feeling is that the team still has no continuity, either in the game or in the results, that too many mistakes continue to be made that end up being punished—they have already conceded 18 goals, like the whole last season—and that they were unlucky in certain moments.

To all this, we must add a series of referee decisions that punish this season—not against Girona, where the opponent won deservedly and without any kind of help from the referee—but at the same time, when the misfortune of injuries left the player orphaned. team of key players: Gavi’s prolonged absence has shocked the entire squad.

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The truth is that, despite the fact that there is still room for improvement and the season is very long, in some sectors of Can Barça, a more than anxious pessimism has begun to set in, to the point that it does not hide the fact that things have to improve a lot. if you want to win a title this season.