Discover the mid-range of Motorola

La democratización de la telefonía móvil: conoce la gama media de Motorola

Motorola has completed 10 years of experience in
mid-range smartphones, and the numbers speak for themselves: more than 200 million Moto Gs have been sold worldwide. Since the first moto g, Motorola has revolutionized the mobile industry and, along the way, brought to life the core values ​​of the brand such as empowering users and making technology inclusive, always bringing
premium experiences and innovations in more consumer segments. Over the past 10 years, the moto g family has attracted Motorola’s most loyal audience, its consumer-centric approach has helped introduce the brand to millions of new consumers who see their needs and expected fulfilled in this family.

moto g, the first generation revolutionized the smartphone industry
When the first generation of Motorola’s moto g was launched, users had only two options at an affordable price: settle for a weak mobile experience or an older premium smartphone with outdated specifications. . The first moto g marks the creation of the mid-range, to make premium technology more accessible
all, which provides a quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and a fun design with interchangeable covers. It also includes the beloved Moto gestures, which until then were only available on premium Motorola devices.

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moto g became a family when the 4th generation arrived
The introduction of the moto g4 is an important milestone for the moto g family. Motorola’s research revealed that when there are different categories, consumers prioritize certain features based on device prices. Additionally, as consumer demands for the latest mobile technology grow worldwide, the
franchise expanded to meet them, to offer powerful tools at a wider range of prices. On the other hand, consumers benefit from Moto Maker, where they can choose the color of the back plate, the color of details such as the camera, and the color of the
the front plate. You can also choose an engraving and customize the software greeting you see when you turn on the phone. These features allow the devices to be further customized to suit each individual’s aesthetics. It should be seen that the moto g4 also
It sets a new standard within the family by being the first Moto G device to feature a fingerprint sensor and a PDAF camera system with laser autofocus that is only available to Motorola consumers on premium devices.

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moto g celebrates its 10th generation with the moto g100
The moto g100 marks the 10th generation of the popular moto g family. It is the first mid-range device within the moto g family to carry a series of Snapdragon 8 mobile platforms, which unleashes the power of 5G connectivity and boasts a large battery. But that’s not all: it introduces the latest Ready For platform, which changes the experience of
smartphones that expand what the phone can do with an external screen without additional accessories.

The future of the family
When Motorola started this journey a decade ago, it knew that the best way to predict the future was to be busy inventing it. So, let’s share how this decade journey has changed the very concept of mid-range smartphones. Mobile devices will continue to become more important to consumers as personal computing platforms and objects of self-expression, so the brand
will continue relentlessly to create the most advanced, competitive and desirable products and experiences for consumers in its Moto G family.

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