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Discover the tarot card that can be a stroke of luck in money from September 11 to 17, 2023

Everyday life and the future create many doubts in us. Love, work, family life, everything makes us question ourselves and sometimes we need a little push to keep going. This week’s tarot cards guide you to overcome the obstacles that come your way.


The emperor

Balance and stability in the economy will be the basis this second week of September because you are trying to achieve all your goals. In order for everything to go smoothly, you need to control your expenses and work hard so that success comes into your hands. This card represents vitality and energy, so you are in a good time to plan and execute with confidence, because everything is in your favor. In addition, it indicates that someone will come into your life to conquer you and you will have a relationship that will consolidate and lead to coexistence.


King of Cups

Let go of fear and face the challenges that will make you grow as a professional. The important thing is to make the right decisions to solve it all and overcome all the obstacles that appear on the way. This card warns you of the arrival of something important, of positive personal changes, and also calls you to activate yourself strongly. Sentimentally, you will form a bond with someone you did not expect and it is a very close person. The only thing you need to control is your jealousy because it can play tricks on you.


The of Cups

Happiness, harmony and well-being in the professional and personal spheres. Don’t miss the opportunities they offer you to change your life. The card tells you that you have a wonderful opportunity to shine and stand out in your work. Creativity is at the top. Use the time to achieve some goals. This is also the time to commit to that relationship you have built with so much effort and look for opportunities to rekindle love.


The car

Changes are sometimes so fast that there is no time to reflect, accept and fight so that the movement in your life is the least traumatic. The card warns you to listen to your intuition, that if you feel that this is not the way, then it is not. In the coming days, focus on achieving success and prosperity. This week you will also discover that someone has a strong crush on you. You will feel loved, appreciated and that will raise your self-esteem because of which attraction and love will ignite.


The force

This is your week for changes that will be transcendental for your future. The strategies you apply in business, just keep it to yourself, don’t water your knowledge because others hide to party on other people’s scapulars. This card has a Lion and you are the force represented by the animal. So you will feel strong, and have a positive vibe to continue and succeed in everything you propose. It also tells you that you should look at the sides because the person you want for yourself is very close and you know who it is.


The Queen of Swords

This is a week where you will have to make tough decisions in your personal life to get out of a situation that has made you very depressed. Accept the help of others because you will have the strength and support to continue. You must have clarity of mind, above all, let go of fear and always have a positive attitude that things will be successful. Someone from the past will show up and make you feel out of control emotionally. It’s temporary, so it’s good, enjoy it. The family supports you in any decision you make.



This is the card that represents you and warns you of a truth that you will know and where you will know that there are things that, even if they are not fair, must happen so that we can reflect and show the way to . will follow. Businesses grow and with it you achieve economic balance to settle some commitments. Do not let the family into your relationship. Hold your position firmly and do not allow anyone’s opinions. There is only one life and you should enjoy it your way, not what others want.



This is not a bad omen, but it is a warning that there are decisions that you need to make quickly to avoid conflicts. You will not miss the opportunities because they are accompanied by a positive change in the professional field. The letter warns you that money, after many delays and failures, will begin to flow and that you will be able to solve everything that you have been holding back. He even talks about a relationship that didn’t work out and ended on the best of terms. Whatever you need to decide, do it now. Many good things will come your way.


Under Bastos

This card tells you that you should not underestimate anything that happens around you. You have to pay attention to every step you take and the decisions you make based on a job change and even explaining your feelings to the other person. This week calls you to think and reflect. Before anything else, take a deep breath and move forward. Don’t let yourself lose focus on what you want to achieve. Someone from the past to make your feelings uncontrollable. You are strong enough to overcome the odds for your peace of mind.



This is a very feared card because it means that you are starting a very difficult period on a personal level, that you need to get out of a problem as soon as possible to feel calm. You have to be very careful at the professional level because any mistake, any stumble, can have consequences and have an impact on your finances. Keep your opinions to yourself, because anything you raise can be taken the wrong way. The best thing these days is to keep calm. Emotionally, you need to control yourself, stop bad jealousy, because at the end of the road you will be damaged.


The star

This letter marks the beginning of a project that has been very successful both professionally and personally. Businesses will flourish and your economy will flourish. You also enter a learning process because not everything can be as you want or as you impose. There are nuances that need to be accepted, especially when it comes to your relationship. Remember that there are times or circumstances where you have to surrender in order to have harmony and balance. You are not always right, so be humble, above all.


To the moon

Let go of fear and bravely face the problems that arise in your work because you have courage and strength for any difficulty that comes your way. In addition, everyone trusts you because your leadership is strong. You need to be careful with your emotions, for your peace and peace of mind. Harmony should be the main thing at all times. Don’t let the past come back to you, on the contrary, turn the page and do what is right for you. Your family is your support, so trust them in any decision you have to make.

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