DISEASES OF KISSING PET | The risks of kissing your pet on the nose: these are diseases

 DISEASES OF KISSING PET |  The risks of kissing your pet on the nose: these are diseases

A good dog fan knows that the affection they show us every day is endless and that they also want to show it with big licks. Or shall we call them kisses? However, You never thought that these displays of affection could end your life..

The professor of virology and bacteriology at Queen Mary University of London, John Oxford, commented to The Mirror that both saliva like a snout the cats They have such a high number of bacteria that they can cause serious problems for people.. If we remember the daily activities of our pets we can understand it better.

“It’s not just what they bring in their saliva,” Oxford explained. “Dogs spend half their lives with their noses in dirty corners or hanging on other dogs’ feces, so their snouts are full of bacteria, viruses and germs of all kinds. ”

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These are diseases from kissing your pet

Among the diseases, the capnocytophaga canimorsus an organism that lives in the normal flora of the gums of dogs and cats cause serious stomach infections and in some cases fulminating; he is there It is a skin disease that is easily transmitted through dog saliva; staphylococcus aureus which rarely affects animals but is extremely harmful to humans and highly resistant to drugs, among many, many others.

Dog fans will continue to love them, but maybe it’s time to be more careful and avoid their kisses. Our pets understand. There is a reason they are man’s best friends.

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