DK Metcalf market price projection for his next contract

It says a lot about how much other NFL teams want DK Metcalf that trade speculation is so intense. Yesterday, we learned that the Seahawks won’t even listen to offers from their star 24-year-old wide receiver — cutting off any conversation immediately. If you think this will stifle persistent business rumours, you’re likely to be in the off-season for a long time.

This morning, ESPN has a whole new roundup of possible business scenarios — seven, in fact. We’ll wait for cliffnotes on them because it will be absolutely bananas and nuts for Seattle to deal with Metcalf, no matter what they get in return.

An athlete like Metcalf will always have intense trade talks when he enters the final year of his contract, though – so fans who are sick of reading about it should probably be comfortable. The trade material mill isn’t going to stop until Seattle actually signs him up for an extension.

So, what will it really cost to keep him?

According to Spottrack, Metcalf has a market value of $24.2 million per season and they are estimating that he will sign a four-year deal, totaling $97,185,816.

That would be significantly less than the current top earners in Metcalf’s position, but he would be placed at No. 4 for now. Tyrek Hill’s new deal with the Dolphins resets the receiver market to $30 million a year, followed by DeVante Adams’ contract with the Raiders at $28 million per season and DeAndre Hopkins with the Cardinals averaging $27.25 million per-season.

Our best guess is that the $24.2 million projection is slightly lower than what we actually got when Metcalf signed on.

We’ll have a better idea of ​​how much he’ll actually earn with each new receiver extension. Still, Stephen Diggs signed a new deal with bills Worth $104 million over four years. This puts him pretty close to the Spottrack projection for Metcalf, but remember that Diggs is four years old and has played 103 games in the NFL, more than double DK’s 49.

Other receivers who will be close to Metcalf’s price-range include Deebo Samuel of the 49ers and AJ Brown of the Titans, both from the same 2019 draft class.


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