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Do it for health, not weight: Tips to avoid overeating

The holidays can be dangerous territory for your health, and they almost always are for your weight.

The abuse of ‘one day is one day’ can be resolved by gaining between one to two kilos on an average during these holidays. There are small details that can help to more or less ‘stay’ during these dates

  1. exercise more, It’s easy to predict that you’ll eat unusual foods and overeat, so it’s important to schedule more exercise time into this period. For example, before Christmas Eve dinner, in addition to normal activities, meet for a walk; After New Year’s dinner, go for a long walk; On New Year’s Eve, dance till you drop… and above all, we must remember that 20 minutes of exercise is always better than nothing.
  2. mind the sweets, They are the star of these parties: nougats, polvorones, chocolates… They contain a lot of concentrated calories. Try not to go overboard and serve tempting fruits and nuts with so much harmful sugar. An infusion is a fine way to end the feast.
  3. You don’t need to try everything. In any sitting there is usually salad, cooked seafood, baked meat or fish… So it is possible to choose between healthy dishes and avoid the most fatty or sauces. If you want to try something uncomfortable, let it be, just try it.
  4. eat slow, Just as you have to count to 10 before getting angry, it’s better to go slow at a family meal: It takes about 20 minutes until the brain registers that the stomach is full. If we eat slowly, savoring the food, we will enjoy it more and we will be able to eat the second course and dessert.
  5. don’t skip meals, Putting off eating because we anticipate a big dinner is a mistake. This will increase feelings of hunger and lead to overeating, not to mention that feeling hungry during the day is not healthy or invigorating. You will need to continue with your normal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and, if customary, a snack.
  6. follow normal schedule, Regularity in daily intake ensures that blood sugar levels remain stable. That pattern should not be broken, which is good for the body. But if it’s not in one’s hands to schedule a lunch or dinner at the event, it’s convenient to have something at a normal time: whole-wheat toast with turkey or cheese, a hard-boiled egg, a piece of fruit a piece …, even if it’s an hour before you sit down with your family; This way, we will eat less and we will not reach the table hungry.
  7. Don’t collect the rest. If the party is in your own home, it is important to count well so that there is not much left over, and if there is still some left over, guests can be given leftovers of sweets and foods that can make them fat. Is. If they are not in our home, we will avoid temptations.
  8. If we contribute something, let it be healthy, At some family gatherings, diners are asked to bring something to eat. Let’s pick up a great spinach lasagna, some asparagus… or any healthy meal.
  9. follow our eating plan, It is not necessary to compensate by skipping meals, that is, if dinner is planned, the rest of the day’s meals should follow, but avoiding excess fat and calories, fiber, protein and healthy fats such as avocado , salmon or walnuts. Even on those days you should be consuming five pieces of fruits and vegetables a day. If we eat a lot of meat at lunch or dinner, try combining them with vegetables to increase the feeling of satiety, and eat legumes and fish for the rest of the day. Sweet, a little more alcohol, less.
  10. Drinking matters too. Alcohol, in addition to the fact that it will nullify our good intentions to abstain from food, will increase calories and sugar, and also increase appetite. If we eat or have dinner with wine or cava, we must always have a glass of water at hand to alternate between some drinks and others; Water, with or without gas, with a slice of lemon if you wish, is the best company for a good celebration. Cola and sugary juices are not healthy.
  11. get enough sleep, It has been shown that people who sleep less or sleep less tend to eat more. If you wake up late or are prone to sleeping too late, it’s a good idea to take a short nap.
  12. Have a motivation beyond weight. It is normal for the food habits that we usually have to be a little more neglected, but we should not forget that the festival is only for five days, not a month. You don’t need to obsess about your weight, you also need to know how to enjoy these indicated dates through the medium term and don’t give up all the habits related to food and sports.

With inputs from Levante

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