Do not combine bread with these foods, it will make you overweight

Do not combine bread with these foods, it will make you overweight

Wheat is one of the ancestral crops of our country and is considered gold in Mexico. Some products are made from this food which can be processed to make different products like bread, flour, cereal, etc.; bread is one of the things we eat most.

she bread It has different presentations and processes, from the latest known as white or sweet, boxed or processed. In excess, it can be a harmful food, because due to its composition it can increase our weight.

Does bread make you fat?

Despite the myth that exists bread makes you fat, in normal proportions it does not affect our weight, but we must limit its consumption. This food is made with refined wheat flour, that is, it has gone through an industrial process that removes its bran compounds and the germ of the cereal, so it no longer has valuable nutrients for our body.

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White bread goes through this process to make it easier to digest; However, most of the starch that turns into sugar when it enters our body, also contains carbohydrates that are absorbed as glucose into the blood. Thus, The best option is whole wheat bread, Rich in fiber, protein, iron, zinc and Vitamin B.

3 Foods that should not be combined in order not to gain weight

Some people prefer the white plan, because it is less dry than the whole grain, so you can consume it in moderate amounts, but it is important that you avoid mixing it with certain foods, because the caloric value increases when you serve it. these dishes:

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Although it is delicious and it is believed that it can be accompanied by garlic or white bread, this food is high in carbohydrates, so it is better to eat it with integral bread or choose light options in this type of soup, which you must cook al dente and put in the refrigerator so that the starch is less harmful.

Although it is one of the main grains that we consume more, we should avoid eating it with bread, because it is also a great source of carbohydrates; The ideal again is to choose whole grain food options or other alternatives such as cauliflower rice.

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Finally, you should avoid bread with potatoes at all costs, in any of its presentations, because this tuber is very rich in starch and combined results in a very high calorie intake. One tip is to keep the potatoes in the refrigerator before cooking them to prevent them from becoming fatter.