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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Do you also charge 100% phone? So know what is the best way of battery charging

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Smartphone has now joined the needs of the people. There are many people, whose work depends on mobile only. If you also use the phone more, then you should also take care of many things for the life of your phone so that you can keep your phone for a long time. Actually, the earliest complaint in the smartphone starts in the battery, in such a situation you must take special care of the battery.

The habit of charging your phone affects the battery of your phone the most. Many people give different knowledge about battery charging, but many things are also wrong. In such a situation, you need to know what is the right way to charge the battery and are you charging the phone right now? Let’s know what is the right way to charge the phone….

Is it correct to charge the phone overnight?

It is included in the routine of most people that they use the phone during the day and charge the phone overnight. This is his worst habit. It is not good for the battery to charge the phone for a long time. So charge the phone at the same time when you are awake. Never let the phone be charged for longer than required, otherwise you may face problems.

How accurate is charging 100 percent?

You must have seen or you will be doing this yourself that you will be trying to full charge the phone. If you have to go somewhere, you keep the phone in charge and charge the phone 100%. However, many experts believe that doing so is not good for the phone battery. So whenever you charge the phone, keep in mind that do not charge it fully 100 percent. Try to charge slightly less than the phone full. You should charge only 80-85 per cent of the phone.

Should the battery charge when fully discharged?

Many people believe that the phone should be put in charge when it is fully discharged and the phone should be charged till 100% charge. But, this is also not right. If you have a charging system available, then you should put the phone in charge only if you have 20 percent battery. It is said that keeping 20 to 80 percent battery is good for your phone.

According to Samsung, nowadays most of the phones have lithium battery and their life is prolonged by constantly charging them. Earlier, the second battery used to come in the old phone and their way of working is different. For this, keep the battery charged more than 50 percent and keep it from being discharged repeatedly.

What to do while charging the phone?

The best way to charge the phone is that you should not use the phone too much while charging the phone. By the way, the phone should be closed and charged, but if you are not able to do this then try not to talk on the phone while charging the phone, neither watch any video nor play the game at that time. By doing this, the life of your phone’s battery increases.

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