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Do you often feel gunshot fatigue? Neurologists will tell you why.

On possible causes of fatigue d. Vida Zuzsanna, Senior Neurologist, Sleep Pathologist at Joalvas Cojpont, and Dr. Ilona Sztanic, Cardiologist, Anesthesiologist and Intensive Therapist at Buddha Heart Center, talk about World Sleep Day.

Persistent fatigue is a serious problem

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 15.3% of women and 10.1% of men in the United States report feeling tired regularly. This type of fatigue is not the same that we all experience from time to time when we stay awake for a long time because of something. Here we are facing such severe and constant fatigue that, according to US statistics, chronic fatigue in drivers causes 72,000 accidents and 44,000 accidents per year, so what could be causing this huge problem? Experts answer.

Many people suffer from constant fatigue

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, adults between the ages of 18 and 60 need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to stay healthy, but a third of the population doesn’t get that much sleep. This, research has shown, increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, obesity, depression, heart disease and stroke.

says Dr. Zuzsanna Vida, a senior neurologist and sleep doctor at Joalvas Cospont. These alone can set you up for easy sleep and a satisfying night’s rest. What are these? For example, you should turn off the TV before you plan to sleep,Reading or just relaxing is more effective, but don’t do it in the bedroom!

We should sleep only when we are very tired.We can sleep. It is important that you sleep on a suitable mattress and pillow, preferably of good quality. Let’s not be happy in the afternoon! Its very late sip cafestrong tea, energy drinks and even smoking It also has a strong stimulating effect and can make it somewhat difficult to fall asleep, and can even partially disrupt restful sleep.

There can be significant individual differences in ideal sleeping positions, but some general rules can be drawn up. if you, completely darken the bedroom at night, In fact, even bright dials and displays can disturb a peaceful sleep. The same applies to noise, the more complete the silence, the more restful sleep is likely.

Also, however, if a person cannot sleep well for weeks or months, finds it difficult to sleep, wakes up several times, is already worried about not sleeping, bounces frequently and turns, so he can realize snoring Or if your partner notices shortness of breath (sleep apnea) during sleep, it’s definitely important to visit. sleep specialist. Careful planning of complaints and comorbidities, and sleep tests and additional tests based on these are essential Find out the reasons for the complaints and to establish appropriate treatment.

Eating the wrong diet can make you tired

Not everyone knows it, but it’s balanced, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins and A dairy-based diet alone can be effective against fatigue. Especially in the case of health problems, it is advisable to ask a dietitian for help in creating a personalized and optimal diet, but it is not difficult to follow the basic rules.

  • Get the right amount of calories for your lifestyle!
  • Half of our plate is taken with vegetables and/or fruits!
  • Choose whole grains and instead of saturated fatty acids, choose products with unsaturated fatty acids and low in fat!
  • Let’s reduce sugar consumption!
  • Let’s all have meals, preferably at the same time!
  • Let’s drink enough water! Dehydration itself causes fatigue.

Fatigue and sedentary lifestyle

Several studies have already shown that lack of exercise does not increase energy levels but decreases it. According to professional recommendations, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio and 2 x 20 to 30 minutes of bodybuilding exercise per week have an ideal protective effect. The second important rule is that between two cardio exercises no more than 72 hours have passedThe duration of one session cannot be less than 30 minutes. Of course, after several years of inactivity, you can also start with shorter, less intense exercise, but the goal is to reduce chronic fatigue from exercise and get as many health benefits as possible.

These are the symptoms of sleep disorder. Watch Our Videos!

Untreated stress goes along with fatigue

Untreated persistent stress is one of the most serious risk factors For fatigue and then for diseases. The first symptom can also be general symptoms such as headache, migraine, muscle cramps and mood swings. After experiencing them, it is definitely worth seeking help in proper daily stress management. If we can turn to a mental health professional or find a way, whether it’s yoga, group training, or a hobby, we can look at our life’s challenges in a different way than we did with chronic fatigue. An important step has been taken to overcome

Certain diseases and health conditions can also cause fatigue.

If you’ve made all the lifestyle changes you can use to deal with fatigue but still haven’t gotten rid of it, then once you get a chance, it’s worth checking out. Is there an error in the background?

Countless conditions can cause fatigue, including diabetes, anemia, food intolerances, thyroid disease, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In addition, heart disease can be associated with such symptoms, says Dr. Ilona Ztanik, a cardiologist, anesthesiologist, and critical care therapist at Buddha Heart Center.

Persistent fatigue is a common symptom that is easy to ignore, although it is especially common for women to feel unusually intensely tired in the waiting room of a heart attack, but it can also be behind persistent fatigue. A cause in the heart, such as heart failure., If even small activities tire you out, for example, you climb stairs and pant, We definitely need to test ourselves. Treatment based on the correct diagnosis can save a life.

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