Does a cat sitter in Canada earn more than a manager in Colombia?

Over the years, people’s interests change, and each one strives to increase their capital to guarantee the best quality of life for their families.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about the workload, the harassment and the type of resignation. Also there are poorly paid jobs in Colombia.

Asking these types of questions can lead to uncertainty. However, it is essential that as workers we question and compare our efforts, with those made by people in other countries, and how much they earn for it.

Some are desperate to change cities within the country, however, this often does not solve the problems…

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are 26,719 Colombians registered in Canada (the fifth country in which the majority of Colombians emigrate).

Why do people want to move to Canada?

It is no secret to anyone that Canada is becoming the preferred work destination for many people who decide to emigrate in search of opportunities, as it has a good reputation for paying its workers very well.

This is why many mechanics, workers and even tinsmiths in the city decide to manage their departure from the country. It is quite possible that in this way they achieve something that will probably take a long time in Cartagena to achieve.

Dedicating itself to tasks such as walking animals, cleaning dishes, caring for the elderly in Canada does not provide the same economic response as Colombia.

A forum dedicated to hiring people to care for felines revealed that pay could be up to 20 Canadian dollars (68,000 Colombian pesos) per hour. This means that if this person takes care of cats in eight hours, they will earn 550,000 pesos a day.

So, do you earn more from taking care of cats in Canada than being a professional in Colombia?

How to overcome the fear of working abroad?

1. Ground the fears you have. The clearer you are about what you are afraid of, the easier it will be for you to fight it. Remember that fear represents everything new you will learn and help you grow.

2. Reflect and Rethink: Evaluate and determine how that fear affects you, and what doors you are closing.

3. Unleash the Power of Negative Thoughts: Don’t see yourself as a failed alien, underestimating this type of philosophy, because the more you feed them, the more likely it will happen.

4. Control the worry that doesn’t let you move on: It doesn’t let you make decisions, if you fight it, it’s very likely that you’ll eliminate all the noise coming through your head. You can work on this part by writing the most positive data, and thus you will be building new beliefs.


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