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Does the arrival of spring affect sleep?

Seasonal changes affect everyone and in many ways. The change from winter to spring is perhaps the most remarkable, for it goes from intense cold and few hours of light to warmth and more hours of light.

With the arrival of spring, the days become longer, the weather improves and the body realizes that it is time to move after the torpor of winter. But the change of seasons and the fact that there are more hours in the day can also cause changes in mood and rest. Biorhythms change and spring insomnia appears.

The reason for this abrupt change is that in the spring months the days are longer and there are more light hours, which significantly affects the production of melatonin and can also cause sleep disturbances until the body adapts to the new situation. This disorder, which affects those who sleep for better or worse, is one of the signs of true asthenia and is most likely to persist during the adaptation period.

As the days get longer and the clocks move forward one hour, the body notices a big change, so it is normal that at this time of the year many people sleep longer or get up in the middle of the night and find it difficult. to fall asleep again in a dream. The reason is that the body needs a period of adaptation to the new environmental conditions and it is normal that, after a few days, the biological clock stabilizes and the symptoms disappear.

Causes of sleep problems in spring

  • The light of the hour increased. The body is most active during the day, and as the night gets later in the spring, it is more difficult to rest for a while.
  • Temperatures rise and the body is more difficult to adapt to, so that it can sleep longer.
  • The ambient humidity also varies, and the body also gets used to it.
  • Seasonal allergies are at their peak and those who have pollen allergies, for example, sleep worse at this time because the airways become a little larger.
  • Weather factors for bad sleep

    Spring weather also seems to be linked to sleeping so badly these months. One reason is that the increase in light intensity is accompanied by a rise in temperatures and hours of sunshine, variations in humidity levels and atmospheric pressure, and changes in time. All of these can alter the production of hormones and neurotransmitters, the secretion of which is controlled by the hypothalamus which affects the biological clock.

    With respect to the hours of sleep, it is important to take care especially to fight these and other symptoms of true asthenia, since adequate sleep allows us to repair the breakdown of the body and mind and the tears that have occurred throughout the day, and it is reasonable. charge the energy resources well.

    How to end sleep problems in spring

    Getting quality sleep is possible as long as some tips are followed that help coordinate biological rhythms with external factors. There are some easy quality tips;

  • Take care of unnecessary information. Constantly being exposed to messages with negative emotions can affect the quality and quantity of sleep. It is useful to receive information about the dose, it is convenient to choose only one time slot to know, to choose the most reliable source and, in addition, to carry out other activities that allow you to keep your mind occupied.
  • Strengthen human societies. Interpersonal relationships arise as one of the main escapes to overcome moments of stress or anxiety, one of the most powerful factors of insomnia. Sharing bad moments with a close social circle helps to control emotional instability and therefore to have a clearer and more relaxed mind to sleep better.
  • To imitate healthy sleep. It is necessary to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends. In this way the body is busy anticipating this action and preparing for it. In addition, it is very useful to avoid the use of televisions, mobile phones, laptops or tablets before sleeping, since they emit blue light that tricks the brain into thinking during the day and will be more difficult to persuade. the time has come., to go in a few hours.
  • Everyone cares about the outcome. It is constantly associated with situations outside the world that generate stress and anxiety. That’s why disconnection and your care have never been so important. It is very important to find moments to read a book, cook, or exercise. Challenging anxiety leads to feeling better, calmer, developing a greater ability to face the challenges of everyday life and, consequently, increasing the quality of sleep.
  • Focus on breathing. If it is difficult to sleep, it is useful to do breathing exercises before turning on the light to forget the worries of the day. They help calm the tensions of the day, relax the body and sleep faster. For example, abdominal breathing is a relaxation technique. In addition, it not only helps with insomnia, but is also very useful for stress relief, better attention, digestion and metabolism.
  • Hydrate well. When it’s hot, more water is lost through sweat than usual. Hence fatigue or languor easily appears. This is solved by driving the bay. But watch out for stimulant drinks, since for a better adaptation to the change of seasons, they can make it even more difficult to sleep at night, and as a result, increase fatigue during the day. Instead of drinking coffee or tea or any other stimulant, it is advisable to drink water.
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