Does the mobile rate change if I travel to the United Kingdom? Brexit. Doubts about free roaming after

From 1st January 2021, The United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. And after this Brexit Doubts arise whether companies will charge extra charge mobile rate.

roaming o Data roaming is the result of an agreement of European countries, providing citizens with the possibility to use a mobile phone with an operator other than the contracted operator, when they out of his country.

activate roaming In the United Kingdom, being a certain rate contract customer in Spain, this would be an automatic action. If you are a prepaid customer then this will also be automatic, but you have to Call your mobile operator first.

The only way all operators can extra charge If the telephone company finds its misuse, the mobile rate is equal to roaming optional. Of course, in that case, the bad practice would be notified and they would have 15 days to be able to reverse it before proceeding with the collection.

many telephone companies UK has decided to keep as a member of the section roaming Despite Brexit. That way, your customers will be able to call and navigate from there as if they were in Spain, at no extra charge and with the same prices and terms as their national rate.

However, some have decided to charge users a fee if they decide to cross the English Channel.

British roaming

If the company charges a fee, you must first send an alert after arriving 80% and 100% of your limit data roaming. This will happen not only in the UK, but wherever there is a Line user in the world.

In addition, mobile operators in the EU are required to impose a financial limit for data roaming usage of €50 or £45.

This means that mobile phone usage in the United Kingdom will not be deducted from the minutes and megabytes contracted with the rate, but will be bear an additional cost.

Will they charge me?

In companies that charge and therefore do not maintain roaming are free Orange -which has created certain bonds so as to reduce costs- and jazztail,

in the rest of the companies that maintain it roaming free highlight pepephone and all member brands of the group With another trick, in addition to the following simyo You Moviestar.

All of them will only charge for the use of data and calls or messages if it is believed that the user is fraudulently using, contracting a cheaper rate outside their country and using the same in the same way. Whether they have a contract or a prepaid rate, they will pay the same amount as in Spain.

In the case of Vodafone, It also continues to place the United Kingdom in Zone 1, meaning there will be no additional cost to the rate for using it in the national zone.

Now, when visiting Paddington, the home of Harry Potter or Queen Elizabeth II, it is no longer important to simply exchange money. So the next time you travel, don’t forget to check your mobile plan.


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