Does your child always need a nap?

Does your child always need a nap?


  • Sleeping well is essential for a child’s brain development.
  • Newborns can sleep up to 20 hours a day, then this gradually decreases to reach an average need of 12 hours a day at 3 years old.

Although the need for a nap is usually present until kindergarten, the duration of the nap and the age at which it stops vary greatly from one child to another. Observing it will help you know if it still needs it.

What are a child’s rest needs?

A child’s sleep needs vary as they grow. It is also because they are growing that children need more sleep than adults.

Naps have several benefits for children, both they allow learning, but also the improvement of long-term memory, and a good mood. They also tend to reduce anxiety, infections and improve emotional management.

How do I know if my child still needs a nap?

The need to take a nap is most often still present until kindergarten and can differ from child to child. To find out if your child still needs it, observe his behavior:

  • if he still has a lot of energy in the afternoon, and he has trouble calming down, it may be that he still needs a nap;
  • if, on the contrary, the fact of sleeping in the afternoon delays the bedtime and prevents him from falling asleep, in this case it is preferable to keep only a quiet time but not necessarily to make him sleep.

In any case, remember that the siesta should not last more than 2 hours and that it should preferably take place in the early afternoon.

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