Dollar price today, November 29

Dollar price today, November 27

MIAMI.- It is Wednesday, November 29the dollar remains strong at European and British marketsWhile on Japanese shows a small exchange rate slip. Meanwhile, exchange rate instability continued in the countries of the region, with a slight decrease in the gateway currencies of Argentina and Venezuela.

For the third consecutive day, the dollar remained at the same price of 1.09 euros in Europewhich shows the strength of the continent’s old currency within the forex market.

American currency in the United Kingdom remains with the same price as the previous closing of £1.26. The British currency continues “in his kingdom”after being hit for a long time by leaving the euro zone.

In Japancurrency continued to decline for the third day in a row, down 0.84% relative to the last close, when trading this Wednesday at 146.86 yen. The Japanese currency, together with the dollar, euro and pound sterling, has a privileged place in the basket of options in the forex market, especially since the beginning of war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas on October 7.

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Prices in dollars in Mexico, Argentina and Cuba

In Mexicothe dollar experienced a a very small decrease of 0.11% compared to the previous rate, when valued at 17.13 Mexican pesosaccording to Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). The American currency continues without crossing the barrier of 17 units in the Aztec country, while the Mexican peso is trying to return to the floor of 16 integers, predicted by different exchange rates. In the Latin American country, the Central Bank sets the tone for the price and it works on the day of buying and selling banks.

In Argentinathe currency remains with the upward trend of the official rate after the election on November 19, where the right-wing candidate Javier Miley elected president. For this Wednesday, the dollar up 0.13% and cited in 375.50 Argentine pesos at the exchange rate established by National bank. However, this is a price that does not affect the real economy, where the standard is set by the parallel currency, which has a price. 146% mayor. In this square, the so-called Dollar blue suffered a new setback in decline 4.60%when listed on 930 Argentine pesos.

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American currency in Havana remains anchored to 24 Cuban pesos since March 2005, according to the official rate established by the Central Bank of Cuba. However, in the so-called parallel or black market, the price is 11 times bigger. In this market it remains the same price as the previous day. 265 Cuban pesos.

How money moves in Venezuela and Colombia

In Venezuelathe currency has a subtle increase of 0.03% in official exchange rateestablished by the Venezuelan Central Bank and valued at 35.48 bolivars. While in parallel currency, it experienced a small exchange rate slippage 0.05when quoting 37.27 bolivarsa gap in which it remained for several weeks.

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In Colombia, the dollar registered a subtle decline in 32.12 Colombian pesos relative to the previous day, if valued at 3,957.77 Colombian pesos at the official rate established by Bank of the Republic of Colombia. Annual inflation in October was 10.48%according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), attributed to a greater exchange rate movement in recent months.



SOURCE: With information from the Central Bank of different countries and parallel structures