Dollar price today, November 30

Dollar price today, November 27

MIAMI.- It is Thursday, November 30, The forex market continues its strength in the Europe and the United KingdomWhile on Japan experienced slight differences. Meanwhile, in Latin American countries the dollar continues to suffer fluctuationswith a major collapse of the parallel structure of Argentina.

In it old continentthe American currency remains at the same rate as 1,09 euros for the fourth day in a row. The European currency is one of the strongest in the forex market.

In it British marketthe currency does not show differences and remains at £1.26. English money remains “in his kingdom”after being affected for a long time by leaving the euro zone.

After three negative days, the dollar suffered a a slight increase of 0.08%. This Thursday it was quoted by 146.98 yen. This Asian currency, along with the dollar, euro and pound sterling, has a privileged place in the basket of options in the forex market, especially since the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas on October 7.

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How much is the dollar worth? Latin America

The American currency is registered a 0.24% increase compared to the last close, when trading on 17.17 Mexican pesosaccording to Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). The money still hasn’t crossed the barrier of 17 units in the Aztec country, while the Mexican peso struggles to return to the floor of 16 integers, predicted by different exchange rates. In the Latin American country, the Central Bank sets the standard price and it works on the day of buying and selling banks.

In Argentinaexchange rate instability continues in the forex market, where the upward trend in the official exchange rate after the November 19 election, where he was elected Javier Miley. This Thursday the money up 0.14%by self-appreciation of 376 Argentine pesos at the rate fixed at National bank. However, this price does not influence the real economy, where the standard is set by the parallel currency, which has a price. 137% mayor. In this arena, the so-called Dollar blue experienced great loss, from 930 to 895 Argentine pesos.

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on Havana, the dollar remains anchored to 24 Cuban pesos since March 2005, according to the official rate established by the Central Bank of Cuba. However, in the so-called parallel or black market, the price is 11 times bigger. In this market it remains at the same rate 265 Cuban pesos for the third day in a row.

How money moves in Venezuela and Colombia

In Venezuelafor the second consecutive day the American currency registered a a very small increase of 0.03% in it official exchange rateestablished by the Venezuelan Central Bank, when listed 35.49 bolivars. While in the parallel market, it suffered a decline 0.86by valuation 36.95 bolivarsa gap in which it remained for several weeks.

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In Colombia, the currency suffered a slight increase 22.90 Colombian pesos compared to the last closing and sold at 3,980.67 Colombian pesos at the official rate established by Bank of the Republic of Colombia. Annual inflation in October was 10.48%according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), attributed to a greater exchange rate movement in recent months.



SOURCE: With information from the Central Bank of different countries and parallel structures